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When Will My Life Begin?


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Any day could be her last and it could very well have been the last day walking in the markets, smelling baked goods being sold and seeing all the things Rome had to offer. She didn’t have the time to enjoy the world around her, as captivating as it might have been. She had a job to do and had to do it well.

Her coin purse clinked as she walked, safely tucked where no one could reach it, and a basket hung against her bent arm, not yet full. Her eyes followed all the items and things laid out at stalls. One shopkeeper was busy talking to another man, both engrossed in a conversation deeper than Aculia’s insecurity.

Colourful, well-made dresses and jewellery were laid out for all to see. Aculia’s hands gently caressed one of the dresses. She’d never truly dressed in anything pretty before, having lived on a farm and been a huntress, and then later a homeless woman in putrid rags. Clothing had been about practicality, not beauty. While the man was distracted, Aculia contemplating shoving the dress into her basket and briskly walking away. But it was much too large, instead her eyes settled on a shimmering necklace, which she quickly picked up and shoved somewhere that no one would see it. She had money but it was for another purpose.

She turned her body to continue, expression blank, and immediately, her eyes linked with someone else’s. She stood there stunned. Slowly, she took the necklace out of its hiding space and put it back. She opened her mouth and then closed it. Shit, she thought.

“I put it back,” she said calmly. This would reflect poorly on her master and in turn, make him angry with her. “Just don’t tell him about it.” By him, she meant her master. She feared him more than anything else.

Note: What Aculia is wearing

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It wasn't often that she came out to the marketplace. Most of the time the merchants were sent for, or items she wanted was custom made to her tastes. Still that didn't mean that the princess didn't like donning on simpler clothing and escaping her guards every so often to go about the city and to the more popular areas. 
She had fallen in love with many a vendor and merchant that way in the recent years. But she knew she couldn't keep it up much longer. She was no longer a child, but a young maid. A princess whose people were starting to recognize her the more she went out in public. But for now it was not her worry. The few coin she clung to were as she came to a stall. Silks of all colors, the imperial purple rightfully missing from the selections, and jewelry laid on display. 
She flitted a bit, fingers caressing over the offerings tenderly. She admired the silks and the wools, along with the beautiful died and patterned linens. However what drew her attention was the movement in her peripheral vision of the other young woman at the stall stuffing a necklace into her basket without any intention to pay for it. 
She didn't look away when their eyes met and her expression turned stoic. She didn't know the woman's story. Nor the fact that the other woman was in fact a slave. As the other would not know she was the daughter of Caesar himself. Her lips parted when the woman spoke, asking her not tell <him>, whoever <him> might be and she glanced to the vendor in question. Then back down at the discarded necklace, that was hastily placed on the table. 
She sighed softly and quickly snatched it up as the merchant came and she pressed a few coin in his hands before looking back at the other woman, "Come with me?" she asked. While mentally asking herself what did she think she was doing? "Please." She then added, moving past her to move towards a less crowded area. 
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