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Maecilia Aelia

Maecilia Aelia

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Maecilia Aelia

21 | 1 February 55 | Equite? Senatore? | Housewife | Heterosexual | Original | Florence Pugh





Aelia has a bold personality, one that is a bit larger than life and at times, exacerbating for her family to put up with. Though, it is to be commented, that bold personality she has keeps her husband in firm check. She is a girl that has always known what she wanted and what her destiny would be even if she had to conform and work hard for it in order to gain it. 
Some might write her off as a gold digger because of this, but as she told her dear Tiberius in their early courting stage, she always knew she would be the one that married up. Marcia would marry for love, Gaia for intelligence and dear sweet Lucia wasn't long for this world. And in truth, she doesn't care if polite society sees her that way. She had a goal, she met it, she doesn't love her husband any less because he was a means to an end. 
However it would be ill advised to mistaken her boldness and self assurance as coldness or callousness. She loves her family. She has done everything, for her entire life, for the betterment of her family. 
She lives for all of them - her husband, her daughter, her parents and her sisters and if the gods so told her to do so, she would die for their sake. Losing Lucia was the hardest thing she ever suffered. It was harder than childbirth. She'd be damned if she has to entomb another family member before their time. 


Aelia, as many men during her seeking a husband days as has commented, is a pretty girl. Petite, plump in all the right places thanks to motherhood, sweet of face. She boasts dark golden hair and kind blue eyes. She has good hygiene and strives to maintain it, even in the filth of the eternal city. Bathing frequently in the domus' private baths. 
She wears slight make up, mostly rouge and some color to her eyes and lips. Her hair is kept in style, woven in braids or curled depending on the occasion.  She dresses according to her station, favoriting whites and yet at the same time, colorful gowns. Blue is a favorite on her by her husband's standards. She has a fondness for jewelry. 



Father: Marcus Maecilius Tullus - Alive 

Mother: Aelia Tubero - Alive

Siblings: (all older)
Maecilia Marcia - Alive 
Maecilia Gaia - Alive 
Maecilia Luciana - Deceased

Spouse: Tiberius Furius Luscus - alive 

Furia Lucilla, 3, daughter, alive 
Tiberius Furius Luscus Minor, newborn, son, alive. 

Extended family:
Lucius Maecilius Tullus - grandfather -deceased 
-something- Gaia - Grandmother - alive 
Maecilia Lucia - Aunt - Deceased 
Manius Maecilius Tullus - uncle - alive

Marcia's husband and children

Gaia's husband and children




Aelia's life started out simply, and to be truthful, remained such. She was the forth daughter and last child between her parents, her mother becoming barren during her delivery. Thankful, despite the knowledge of what four daughters would cost in dowry, her father was happy with the four daughters the gods had presented him. Aelia was named after her mother once it was certain that the child would live and soon enough, the little family settled into routine. 
When she was seven, her schooling to be a proper Roman wife began. She would learn all that was needed, and then some as she was a bright girl and insisted on more than just gardening and weaving. But she did love the latter, often finding and discovering new techniques she didn't know of to make more beautiful samplers. She was an artist in such ways.
However she knew she couldn't be a dreamer, that someone would need to marry high for the betterment of her family, it came well apparent when her elder sister married a man who had little to his name besides what he gained from his infantry pension. And Gaia had turned down the only man she ever showed any interest in for the desire to write. 
Perhaps Gaia and Tiberius were too much alike ... dreamers of grandeur of something more ... despite having known each other for most of their lives. Causing Tiberius to go away from them for years. However, time has a way of bringing things back to you. When Aelia was officially on the market, her aunt took her under her wing. Pouring money into a wardrobe and jewelry that made her appear more eligible than just a simple soldier's daughter. 
During this time, she had caught the gaze of not only a richer, older man but of Tiberius as well. Her old friend, and her life long crush if she was honest, had floundered in Gaia's rejection. becoming lazy and Aelia could not help but judge him harshly for it. Eventually leading them to fight and bicker about her expectations of him and his newly found desire for her. They would come together when her sister, Luciana, passed away and the rest would be history. 
They married and 40 weeks later, give or take a few days, a daughter was born to them, named in honored of her late sister. 
In the summer of 76, she is delivered of a son named for his father. 



note - husband is from the senatore class, she's equite idk where she goes XD.

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