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·        Germanus

·        19 | 16 January 56CE | Slave | Slave | Homosexual | Wanted | Adrian Sotiris




·        Personality

·        Aodh Fylani doesn’t accept being a slave very easily and is very stubborn in his pursuit of his freedom.   He was a member of the Anarti tribe in Germania before he was captured by the Romans and sold into slavery.  Just because the slave trader changed his name to Germanus does not mean he still thinks of himself as anything but Aodh Fylani of the Anarti tribe.  Anarti means “not servants,” or “not slaves,” so that explains his rebellious nature, besides the fact that no man likes to be enslaved. 


·        Aodh has a very high threshold for pain and often tests it by going against his owner’s wishes.  He faints at the sight of blood.  This isn’t known yet to him or anyone else, but it has kept him alive so far as his masters believe his fainting spells are his succumbing to the pain they inflict on him. 


·        While Aodh is set on gaining his freedom, his limp is a reminder of what can happen if he angers his master.  The scarring on his arms and chest are also reminders.  He has relented to play along, to gain his master’s trust until such time as he can escape.  He will try to answer to the name his captors gave him, Germanus, but will no doubt fail on the first attempts. 


·        Aodh is outwardly a nice, helpful, amiable person.  As a slave, he takes orders apparently fine but inside he seethes with anger and hatred.  He is friendly enough to other slaves but wary that they might tell of his plans of escaping, so he trusts none of them with his plans.  


·        Traits:  Stubborn, deceitful, honest, nice, kind, helpful, amiable, scheming, angry.


·        He often prays to Belenos, the Celtic Sun God, who is also associated with horses, for his freedom and sings to him in prayer.  He wants to keep his memory of his language and often ignores most attempts of learning Latin.  His Latin isn’t very good because of this.


·        Aodh often takes blame for something bad and takes the brunt of Marcus’ anger for it. 



·        Appearance

·        Aodh is a classical handsome, muscular man who stands 5’9” and has short dark hair, hazel eyes, and a pale complexion. 

·        Because of his stubbornness, Aodh’s right leg was broken to keep him from running away a second time from his second master and wasn’t set correctly, so he limps a little on his right leg.  He has only been with his third and current master, Marcus Barbatius, for a month, and already has injuries on his upper arms and his chest by him.  Some injuries haven’t completely healed yet.


·        Family

·        Father:  Naoghas Fylani (Killed fighting the Romans)

·        Mother:  Aithne Fylani (Murdered by the Romans)

·        Siblings:  Eion Fylani (Killed fighting the Romans)

·        Spouse:  None

·        Children:  A son, two and a half years old, unknown to Aodh.  He was born to the wife of his first master three or four months after Aodh left their household. 

·        Extended family: None

·        Other: His current master is Marcus Barbatius.


·        History

·        Child

Aodh Fylani was born on 16 January 55CE to Naoghas and Aithne Fylani, members of the Anarti tribe in Germania.  When the Romans took over Germania, Aodh's family became slaves.  Aodh's father and brother were killed trying to fight against slavery but they were both killed.  Aodh was renamed Germanus and his mother was name Germana by the slave trader who sold them to the same person.  He never accepted Germanus as his name.  Because he was only eleven, his master made him a house slave.  His mother was put into the kitchen and Aodh washed the dishes and cleaned up.   As he got older, he enjoyed working in the kitchen because he was able to eat some of the scraps the other slaves didn't want.  His mother also gave him some food when she could.  When he turned fourteen, he caught the eye of the master's wife because of his good looks and slim and muscular body.  


·        Teenager 

When Aodh was sixteen, his master’s wife slept with him.  He was very handsome and looked older.  He was hoping it would help him get a better job within the household.  Three or four months afterward, he left their household.  The master realized he was finding favor with his wife and was afraid there was more to it.  As punishment for his transgression, Aodh's master killed his mother in front of him.  The only reason that his master did not kill Aodh was that he could get a handsome profit for him now that he was sixteen years old.  Jealous, he sold Aodh to someone who would make his life a little harder.  Six or seven months later, unknown to Aodh, his former master’s wife bore his son.  

His second master was stricter with him and made him work harder than he did in the first household. 


·        Adult

Aodh tried to escape two times from his second master.  When Aodh first joined his second master's household, he tried to escape.  When he was caught, he was flogged.  Two years later, he tried to run away again.  He was caught, his right leg was broken and was set incorrectly to keep him from running again.  Because Aodh now limped on his right leg, he couldn't work as hard or fast as other slaves and his master decided to sell him.  When he could find no one who would buy him, Aodh's master reluctantly sold him to a slave trader for a considerable loss. 

On Aodh's nineteenth birthday, the slave trader sold him to Marcus Barbatius.  The slave trader was able to negotiate a good price for Aodh that turned a halfway decent profit for him and satisfied Marcus’ renowned frugality.  He might answer to Germanus, but he will never forget who he really is:  Aodh Fylani of the Anarti tribe. 

His new master is a sadist and Aodh likes to test his high threshold of pain.  Is it a match made in heaven or hell?  Time will only tell.


·        Meilekh | Eastern | PM/Discord




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Your application has been accepted.

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