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Who helps the medicus?


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The games had been progressing amidst great excitement and much pageantry, which meant Theo was working a lot more than usual. Gladiators tended to be careful in training and smaller fights, but for an event like this, there were no punches pulled. Death in the arena was more carefully orchestrated than the spectators knew, but injury was rampant. Theo spent another long day setting bones, stitching cuts, and tending to dislocated limbs. In addition, the medicus community was on friendly terms even if their fighters were not; whatever free time Theo had left was soon consumed by helping out at the other ludii.

But not tonight.

Caught up on what needed to be done, and patients recovering steadily, Theo decided to take the night off. He badly needed to leave the Ludus, to get a break from Astrius, and clear his head with something that was not the medical profession. Apparently he was not the only one who thought so, because the tavern he wandered into was full of people, loudly discussing the fights of the day, on their merry was to alcohol-induced oblivion. Theo got a generous cup of wine, and headed to a corner where he glimpsed a free seat. Someone bumped into him, and some wine spilled on his tunic; Theo swore in Greek and hurried to get out of the way.

This was going to be an off night.


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