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31 | 13th Jan 44CE | Slave | Masseuse | (Mostly) Homosexual | Original | Rodrigo Guirao Diaz





Januarius is, frankly, a bit of a snot.  He knows his place, but due to his upbringing as a pampered not-quite-son in his father's household, Jan does consider himself miles above most of his fellow slaves.  Particularly those recently captured.  Some of them don't even speak Latin.  How barbaric!  While Jan has no real expectation of ever again finding himself in the same cushy situation he was raised in, he knows his worth and is confident and fairly assertive (or, at least, as assertive as he can safely be).

Jan is well-spoken and well-mannered enough to fit in well in an upper-class Roman household.  In the past, he used this to his advantage when it came to, well, selling himself.  With no current household and most of his interaction being with less polished clients at the Thermae Mercuari, Jan is beginning to enjoy the freedom to act just a bit less polished himself.  He can be a little mouthy, a little temperamental, and he's finding that he likes that... even if he doesn't have many luxuries for himself or a pleasant, comfortable domus to live in.

Despite that faint air of snobbery Jan generally doesn't have issues making friends.  He's kind and earnest and genuinely interested in people.  He's bright, even if he has little common sense, and always eager to throw himself into the next adventure.




Owing to good nutrition and (or so he claims) good breeding, Januarius is a handsome man.  He's fairly tall for a Roman, though not toweringly so, and likes to keep himself fit.  Januarius likes to keep his hair styled and his face closely shaven, too.  He's more than a little vain, actually, and it's probably for the best that he lacks the means and the station to truly be insufferable about it.  Though his hair is dark and his skin has a faint olive cast—unremarkable in Rome, in other words—Jan's eyes are an attractive dark hazel colour.  When possible he prefers to wear colourful clothes (particularly in shades of green and blue, as he believes they bring out the green in his eyes).


Father: Titus Caelius Vitalis

Mother: Aurora

Siblings: Several half-siblings

Spouse: None

Children: None

Extended family: None

Other: None



The son of a wealthy patrician and his favourite slave, Januarius was raised in a life of relative luxury.  His father was invested in the boy and kind enough to treat Aurora's son to tutors and more of an education than most slaves received.  Januarius studied with a physician and intended to become a physician himself—with a manumission from his father to celebrate—when Titus Caelius Vitalis met an unfortunately early end thanks to a sudden bout of illness.

The household was divided up amongst Vitalis's childless wife and his siblings.  None of them wanted any truck with Vitalis's illegitimate children, though, and so Januarius was sent on to a series of households and a run of poor luck.

Januarius never ended up with a particularly cruel dominus or domina, but neither did he find a permanent place to settle.  He was educated and handsome and well-spoken, but he thought a little too highly of himself and was too reckless and high-spirited to fit in well as a placid tutor or household steward.  Similarly, though Januarius was fit, bold, and often argumentative, he wasn't a seasoned warrior and sending him to labour seemed a waste.  So, on he went, passing through a small handful of domūs before ending up in the Thermae Mercuari.

The chance to practice his skills as a masseuse was a welcome one.  Januarius understands that he likely won't finish his training and work as a proper physician, but he is pleased to have the chance to do something useful at last.  Something better than standing blankly at a new master's table, ready to pour the wine.  He's also pleased to have the chance to speak his mind a little more often, working as he does with lower-class people than before.  It's a little taste of freedom, really, and for now Januarius is happy to enjoy it.  He'd like to finish his studies and become a proper physician one day, if he can find his way to a domus willing to allow it, but his current situation is mostly agreeable.


Leely | GMT-5 | Discord





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