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Ship for Felix


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So, Felix has been doing well in Aulus' household, and since they returned to Rome he has had more opportunities to go out on his own. I would like to have a shipping plot for him (since Aulus has already hinted at allowing him to marry if the circumstances were right).

Here are some options I'd be inclined to explore:

1. Making a connection with a female slave (either in Aulus' household or somewhere else) he could potentially eventually marry if he is allowed. I'm open to different dynamics. Fluff is good, but I can also imagine Felix with someone who is rebellious and wild/hurt, because well, opposites attract, and he is a patient man.

2. Felix is bisexual, so I am also open to ships with a man if the right one comes along. Obviously it wouldn't lead to marriage, but that's not necessarily a problem. It could lead to complications on the long run though, if marriage comes up again (that's the fun part of plotting). As in option 1, I'm open to nice fluffy plots of something more emotionally complex.

3. I am also open to plots with someone who is technically out (or way out) of Felix' league. He is polite and loyal, so he would not initiate something like that, but unexpected things do happen sometimes... not promising this would not end in heartbreak, though. (Even though I'm the odd RPer who likes to see her characters happy eventually.)

Message me here or Discord if interested!

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