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Body Slave Needed!

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PB: Open - although PoC please. Some suggestions above are Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Madeline Mantock and Kylie Bunbury. Callista comes from the Greek for "most beautiful" so she has to be a bit of a looker!

Age: 22-32

Info: Callista is Horatia Justina's body slave and resides in her father-in-law's house with her husband Aulus, and his body slave Felix amongst others. 

When she was promoted to be her domina's body slave is up to you, as is whether she was bought for the purpose, was born in the household or came to be purchased some years before her promotion. Her history is largely up to you, as is her personality besides the fact that she's dedicated to her mistress and discreet. She's not a slave with some great ambition to be freed or run, or work against the family. She is treated well and has privileges owed to her position. 

Potential plots: Plenty! Those with her domina and husband and the currently played Felix (who is also on the hunt for a wife currently!) and other characters all across Rome!


Feel free to DM or discord me (Sara#2296) if you want to chat! 😄 



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