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February 75AD

Aulus had been working on his proposal for a new set of baths; he needed to lay something before Caesar, after all, and a concrete plan and idea was much better than an abstract. Theories and hypotheses had their place but Quintus Augustus and Aulus Calpurnius had a common school of thought that actual concrete workable plans were much better than suggestions and ideas, and he had no wish to waste Caesar's precious time when he finally sought an audience with him to discuss this. Aulus did not have an Empire to run and therefore his time was less valuable than the Emperor's, and he wished to have as many details of this project pinned down as he could before Caesar began asked sharp direct questions about his ideas that he could not answer because he had not thought seriously about his idea.  People who came to him with suggestions and merely answered his own questions with 'I don't know' and 'I hadn't thought about that' and 'I don't know' were the sort of people Aulus had always found supremely irritating and he had no wish to be one of them.

So, while he had thought about it and asked the opinion of people close to him, he wanted to hear what others thought, who might see flaws that Felix and Horatia (and Longinus and Titus Sulpicius) had not. People who might care to actually make use of his thermae, once they were built and open to the public.

He happened to look up from the rough proposal on his desk as someone crossed the atrium towards the front door. He recognised the shock of hair, even from the back - his son's lessons were obviously over for the day.

"Cleisthenes - do you have a moment?"



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