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28 | 12 March 47CE | Slave | Slave | Heterosexual | Wanted | Kylie Bunbury





She is very reserved and somewhat secretive. She tends to keep all her thoughts to herself, even when it is appropriate to share them and if they're harmless. She is very warm hearted but you have to earn her trust. She is also incredibly loyal but only to a select few, if she promises something then it means that without a doubt she will follow through. She won't say anything she doesn't mean and only ever lies if it is protect someone. She loves children but doesn't want to have any of her own. While she can appear passive at first if it is somthing she has some control over than she is incredibly headstrong. One example of this is her lack of a family, she had feeling for Felix and love children but she would rather not have a family at all then have them at risk of being sold. 



She has an athletic build with caramel colored skin and is 5ft 7in tall. She has a diamond shaped face with dark brown round protruding eyes, and bow shaped lips. She has a somewhat powerful appearance. Her hair is dark brown, wavy, and waist length. 



Father: Caster (deseced) 

Mother: Leda (deseced)

Siblings: none

Spouse: none

Children: none

Extended family: none


47-58CE: Callista is born in Armenia and lives with her parents until 58CE she has a happy childhood and is expected to marry very well

58-61CE: Rome invades Armenia and Callista's dad dies, she and her mother are taken to be sold into slavery. Her mother dies shortly after from self-inflicted starvation. Callista is sold to Tiberius Calpurnius Praetextata. She mostly worked in the kitchen, at first dishwashing, then cooking. During this time one of the other slaves had a daughter who Callista helped take care of. 

62CE: Horatia Justina, the wife of Aulus Calpurnius Praetextata shows up at the donuts with her newborn son Titus, after proving that she is Tiberius's daughter in law she is welcomed with open arms. Because Tiberus and his wife Aurelia Faustina had not had children in many years they did not have a nurse to help care for the baby. They had Callista act as a nurse as she had had experience raising children before without having her own to worry about. She became very close to Horatia and Titus during this time. 

63-67CE: Horatia goes back to Rome and Tiberius and Aurelia give Callista to her as a gift. Back in Rome Horatia gives birth to her daughter, Calpurnia. A more experienced slave becomes the childrens nurse and Callista becomes Horatias body slave. 

68CE: Horatia's husband, Aulus Calpurnius Praectextata, and his body slave Felix return to Rome after having to flee the city because of, and to fight in, the civil war. Callista is immediately infatuated by Felix but doesn't act on her feelings. 

69-70CE: life continues as normal, Aulus runs for Propraetor and wins

71-73CE: Aulus becomes Propraetor and the family moves to Raetia for three years

74-75CE: the family moves back to Rome and life resumes as usual



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Requested in character application review

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Your application is currently pending.

Please check your PMs for an application review.



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