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. Body slave of Horatia Justina .

28 - slave - Application

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Callista is the body slave of Horatia Justina, she was born a free woman in Armenia but was captured and sold when she was a child (58AD). She has since settled into her new life and while she still wishes that she could be free again she would never do anything to hurt betray the family.

She has an athletic build with long legs and caramel colored skin. Her hair is wavy, dark brown, and reaches down to her waist. She often keeps it pulled back into a braid and occasionally will pin it around her head to form a Dutch crown. Her eyes are a dark brown and round.

She can be quite secretive and hardly ever shares what she's thinking, she is also very reserved but can be incredibly stubborn with things she has some control over. She is a very determined person and is extremely loyal.

I'm open to all sorts of plots involving her so please just on me if you would like to involve her. 🙂


Marcella Laelia
. Scheming equite shrewd .

30 - equite - Application


Marcella is a 30 year old woman who is still unmarried and lives with her father. It's not that she dosen't want to get married, she is just extraordinarily picky and her father doesn't try and force her into anything. Besides, he kind of needs her, now that he's aging his health is deteriorating and Marcellla cares for him. He can't really do much so even though she is technically under his authority she gets to run the household. As long as he stays alive she can have her freedom. Her mother died at an early age and with no sisters she grew up without a feminine influence. She is fiercely intelligence and wants a partner that will treat her as and equal, and powerful, how she sees it is that if she's always going to be in the shadow of men than she might as well be influential while she's there. 

She has a classic hourglass figure and long dark brown hair. Her eyes are a vivid blue and are framed by short but curly lashes. She's slightly shorter than most woman but has a commanding presence. 

She grew up as the middle child in between four brothers, her mother died in childbirth and she never had any sisters so she grew up without a female influence. Because of this is wasn't until her teenage years that she first was exposed to the separation of genders. She decided to accept this, to an extent. She vowed that she would only ever marry a man treated her as more than just a baby make and one who was powerful. Her promise to herself was nearly broken when her father tried to marry her off to a drunkard thirty years her senior as a thank you for saving his life. She didn't complain or try to get out of it, she just murdered him in a way that made it look as if his drinking killed him. Sje never felt guilty for what she had done, she knew that she would have done it even if she had married him, she just refused to prolong the inevitable. Besides, this way was much less messy than what might have happened if she had killed him in a blind rage years in the future. After the incident no one blamed her for not seeking a partner, but after several years her brothers started to worry about her, she wasn't getting any younger. They tried introducing her to their friends and colleagues but she was uninterested, and her father is unwilling or unable to force her into anything. He had been I'll ever since she entered her mid-twenties, since then she has been caring for him and running the household as he cannot. As long as he is alive (though his days are numbered) she can remain independent, but as soon as he dies she will but under one of her brothers authority, and they no doubt will marry her off to the best candidate willing to marry a woman of her age. 

I'm open to all sorts of plots involving her. Please let me know if you would like to do any threads with her. 

Spurius Gaius Lupus
. Future inheritor of Elysium .

21 - plebian - Application


Spurius is the son of Gaia Lupa (played by @Joaquin) and the nephew of Titus Aspanius Lupus (played by @Beauty). He never knew his father so his uncle stepped in as a father figure, and having no children of his own he raised Spurius to one day take over running his brothel, the Elysium. He can seem pretty guarded but underneath he's a big softie, he has a soft spot for prostitutes, women, and slaves because they are the people who he often sees his uncle taking advantage of. He is the type to get involved when there is injustice, even when it would be very unwise for him to do so. He does what he can to help the people at the Elysium without angering his uncle, and plans to make it a much nicer and kinder place when he runs it. 

He needs friends, enemies, love intrest(s), acquaintances, pretty much everything! Please let me know if you want to do a topic with him because I am open to anything. 

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Hi @Laria! Welcome to the site! 🙂

I play Felix, Aulus' body slave. (Please excuse the Magic Mike thing, it's an April 1st joke!) These two have probably been sharing a household for a while, but Felix is a pretty quiet guy, and Callista is secretive too, so I don't think they have interacted much yet apart from their daily work. In one of our threads Horatia hinted that Callista might be interested in Felix, but we never established whether that's actually true or not (I'm fine with either). Regardless of that, I would like to offer a thread if you'd like, to see how these two interact within the household 🙂 

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Hello @Chevi 

That sounds like a great idea, I would love to do a thread with you. Also I think the magic mike thing is funny, I myself have never been to good at April fools day jokes but that is very amusing.

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(Aulus first mentioned that Horatia had mentioned to him that she thought Callista was making eyes at Felix - but they could be entirely mistaken, of course; we're not going to dictate how anyone else's characters feel! 😄 )

I've got Aulus, the head of the household, or I can offer any one of three other body slaves Callista might run into at the market or some other place if they have an afternoon off (Attis is body slave to one of Aulus' friends, so they're the most likely to meet; Rufus is body slave to one of Caesar's cousins, and Volusa is body slave to one of Caesar's wards. No, I don't know how they wangled those roles 😄)

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I can't spell Volusa's name, godammit!
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Hello Laria! I've been hoping for a chance to plot with you and now I have a few ideas 🙂

Spurius should at some point get to meet Titus' "friend" (or whatever they are), Marcus Barbatius, who frequents the Elysium and is probably known for his strange desires. Marcus may become a suitor this mother too, so that could also be interesting.

Spurius might also find a friend (and perhaps love-interest, if you'd be open to it) in my charioteer, Caeso, who is mostly uninterested in romance and all that nonsense, unless he gets fascinated by your mind and intelligence. I can see them becoming friends or more, for their own strange reasons. Caeso could also be interested in Marcella, now I think of it, and that would also be a very interesting interaction to see, no matter how it turns out 🙂

You're of course always welcome to also check out my plotter and see if there's anyone else there you'd like to RP with. Just send me a PM and we'll figure it out 🙂


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