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Hey staff! 👋

A quick question/request of sorts. I completely appreciate the rationale for not updating apps without staff consent in order to keep them as they were when they were made. However, I wonder if there would be scope for members to add a reply to their apps with updates etc?

For example, when I made Charis she had just been brought to Rome. In the intervening year she's been sold, knocked up, found her sister etc. It would be v useful to have a place to record that information so when plotting - instead of writing it out for every plotting partner, you could link to a place where there is up to date info about your character. On other sites, I've routinely kept my app updated with new info as plots develop or the character develops etc. I was wondering if there was scope for us to be able to do that on AeRo whilst preserving the original app via doing a reply after its approved with additional info of what that character is up to now as well as other info. For example, I have mentioned a few slaves in Longinus' household and it would be useful to have a place to store that information so I can easily recall it. 

Maybe this is what the 'character interaction' section of the site is for and I might have misinterpreted as I thought that was for IC writings! If so, apologies - I just wanted to get the staff's thought on a place where we can keep apps or character info up to date 🙂


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