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23 | 1 May 52CE | Slave | Nurse | Heterosexual | Wanted | Shannon Purser





For a freeborn slave, especially one from Britannia, Metella is surprisingly comfortable with her position in Longinus' household. Being nurse to her master's daughter is a good job to have; Metella is maternal by nature, genuinely cares for Cassia Antonillia, and takes her job as the child's guardian seriously. She has a soft spot for children in general, and has a tendency to spoil them, but she can be strict when she needs to be. She is fairly outspoken, especially with other slaves and especially with men, knowing that her standing within the household allows her a certain measure of freedom. She has a lot of energy in her everyday life, going around taking care of things with determination, and she tends to get into banter with anyone who makes comments at her. Where it comes to love, she is fairly free-spirited, enjoying the pleasures of companionship, but not really dreaming of husband and family. She is quick to anger and can be quite scary when she doesn't manage to hide it, but she is deeply protective of the people she cares about, regardless of their standing. 



Metella is of medium height, with a curvy body and soft features. Her hair is red, fading to strawberry blonde in the summer, and naturally curly; moisture or rain makes it frizz, and she fights an ongoing battle trying to wrangle it into buns or braids. Her skin is pale and she has lots of freckles; she is prone to catching the sun and turning various shades of pink or red easily. She has hazel eyes that usually sparkle with smart attention and amusement. She has dimples when she smiles or laughs genuinely, but much more often she wears various levels of sarcastic smirks, especially when she is dealing with men. She has soft hands and soft hips and she spoils children with soft hugs. As a slave and a nurse, she is most often seen wearing a simple dress of one solid color, and a scarf wrapped around her head to keep her hair at bay. 



Father: Senorix (unaccounted for)

Mother: Veldicca (unaccounted for)

Siblings: four younger siblings (unaccounted for)

Spouse: none

Children: none

Extended family: none

Other: Belongs to Lucius Cassius Longinus' household, as nurse to his daughter Cassia Antonillia. Occasionally has recreational relations with Attis, her master's body slave. 



52 CE - A baby girl named Senovara is born into a Briton family in the eastern edges of Britannia. Soon after four other children are born, and Senovara (Senna for short) holds a position of oldest sibling and tiny matron of the house. Her father and mother are farmers. Her father is not a kind man, and Senna takes on a lot of her mother's neglected duties of caring for her siblings.

64 CE - When Senovara is barely twelve years old, her father gets involved with fighting the Roman invasion. Having more patriotism than fighting skill he is taken as a captive in one of the skirmishes. In the following retaliation the family scatters, leaving their farm behind; Senovara gets lost in the wilderness, apart from her younger siblings and her mother, and is captured by the Romans. They add her to the spoils of the raid, and their young legatus Lucius Cassius Longinus takes her as his personal prize. Longinus takes a liking to the clever little girl, treats her fairly, and adds her to his personal household. She gets a new name - Metella - and begins to learn Latin. At the end of the year Longinus takes Metella to Rome.

66 CE - Longius' daughter is born, and he designates Metella as her nurse. She remains in the household after Longinus returns to Britannia. She loves the little girl, but she has a lot of conflict with Antonia, her mistress, and she sinks into quiet resistance. Things get a little better when Longinus returns home in 72, but Metella has a hard time following the domina's orders. She busies herself with caring for the child and secretly spoiling her. 

74 CE - Antonia dies of illness, and Metella remains as the only mother figure of Cassia. She takes her role more seriously now, apart from the occasional dalliance with Attis, who seems to be noticing her more and more. Poor thing. 


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