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Yet another body slave

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PB: Open! Though I'd prefer someone who looks like they could be a native of the Eastern part of the empire. The ladies above are (left to right) Nazanin Boniadi, Sibel Kekilli and Aiysha Hart and are depicted for attention and inspiration (or go right ahead and grab one of them, none is in use as play-by).

Name: Aglaea (64-present day, before it could have been whatever you want). In Greek mythology Aglaia was one of the Three Graces and her name means 'splendour, brilliant'. Aglaea the body slave would have been called that because she showed enormous promise in terms of beauty and intelligence at the time of her purchase, though whether she lived up to that is in your hands.

Age: 28-35

Info: Aglaea is Livia Justina's body slave and confidant, and lives with her mistress and other household slaves in the house of Secundus Quinctilius Varus, Livia's husband.

She was purchased in Antioch sometime between April and September 64 AD by Marcus Horatius Justinus as a body slave and companion for his youngest daughter. Whether she was born a slave or became one in childhood is up to you, but she should be a native of one of the eastern provinces (Aegyptus, Syria, Judaea, Creta et Cyrenaica, Cyprus, Cilicia, etc). If Aglaea is a number of years older than Livia she might see her as her charge or a little sister, and feel an added responsibility to look out for her mistress. If they're close in age, I imagine she could view their bond as a mix of sisterly and master-and-slave.

Aglaea's personality and general history are up to you. She has been by Livia's side for roughly half both their lives and is the closest thing Livia has to a friend and confidant (sorry Horatia!); together they have been through Livia's first marriage and the loss of two children and her beloved husband, a few years of depression, her second marriage and the shipwreck it turned out to be. She is very devoted to her mistress, though I'll let you decide if that is genuine or just a long-lasting act. Her goals and ambitions are also up to you: does she dream of freedom? A family of her own? Returning to her hometown?

Potential plots: Right, I've got a few ideas and would like to explore at least one of them (a few can be mixed and matched, I guess?)! For that, you need to know that Livia is trapped in an abusive marriage with Secundus (NPC at the moment) and is having an affair behind everyone's back with Marcus Sergius Auletius (NPC at the moment), her husband's nephew. Aglaea and Marcus' body slave (NPC at the moment) are the only ones in the know and their help is essential for the adulterers to meet without being discovered. If they're not found out before, at some point Livia and Marcus will concoct a plan to murder Secundus. Current possibilities:

  • Aglaea is a secret convert to Christianity and is worried for the salvation/damnation of Livia's soul as a sinner, so she betrays the secret to Livia's father or sister in hopes that the marriage will be dissolved and that Livia will no longer be tempted by Marcus Auletius.
  • Aglaea harbours a deep, unrequited love for Livia and wants to see her happy and free from her husband and lover's claws, so she betrays the secret to M. Horatius Justinus or Horatia Justina (Livia's older sister), hoping to spur them into action.
  • Aglaea is made privy to a conspiracy by Livia and Marcus Auletius to kill Secundus; unable to live with it, she tells M. Horatius Justinus or Horatia about it so that they can stop Livia before she goes through with it.
  • Aglaea is made privy to a conspiracy by Livia and Marcus Auletius to kill Secundus; out of love and devotion and not wanting Livia to risk the consequences of getting caught, she takes matters into her own hands and tries to end Secundus' life herself.
  • Aglaea is deeply and madly (and possibly delusionally) in love with Marcus Auletius; in order to put Livia out of the way, she tells someone about the affair/murder plot with disastrous consequences.

Other than that, there's Livia's sister Horatia Justina and her slaves and family to plot with, as well as Livia's brother-in-law Tertius Quinctilius Varus and his household!

Feel free to reply to this topic, PM me here or DM me on Discord Liv#5452 if you'd like to discuss her 🙂 

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