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Lost and not yet found (closed)


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Late March 75CE.

It had been a difficult journey to escape the slavers. In the process, she had been separated from both Uncle Ario and Ursus. She felt Ario's strong arm push her out into the darkness to permit her to escape. Yet.. she could have sworn that he called her daughter as she ran into the night. Behind her, she heard shouts in their foreign language and kept going until she reached the coastline. Panting... her limbs and chest hurting from the pressure it had placed on her before she fell on the sand with a loud thud. 


Turia awoke the next morning to the sound of the ocean and the memories of the dreams still in her mind. Slowly she exhaled, stretched and realised that it wasn't a dream. She scrambled to her feet, looked around again at the foreign place and continued on her way to the nearest town. 

Silently she prayed for protection -- desired nothing more than to be reunited with Ario, Ursus, her mother, and Domina back in Rome..... 

Turia trudged, hoping and praying. 

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