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Rukia Agda

How Embarrassing

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It had been a full year since Rukia came to Rome, and she had never bothered to witness an event. From the descriptions from her sisters, it all sounded like a bit of a barbaric, sweaty affair. Plus, she wasn't the biggest fan of crowds as of late. She had begun working closely with a woman who was soon to give birth at any moment, which meant long, long nights away from home. Her second eldest sister, the one that even married, still carried on with her crushes on a few of the fighters, finally begged her to come. And of course, Rukia being Rukia, could never turn her sister down. Even if she was certain she was going to resent every minute of the spectacle.

Pushing through crowds of bodies and loud people, she and her sister finally found a spot that was perfect, even by lower class standards. "Rukia dear," her sister said, "Could get us some olives and maybe some wine? It's far more fun to watch with a snack."

"Of course." She smiled, but inwardly, it took a lot out of her to keep from rolling her eyes. So, here she was, pushing through body after body, and deeply annoyed. All for her sister, and her determination to keep her mind from work. Pushing through a crowd is awkward, so when she made the wrong move, one of her hands accidentally slapped into the shoulder of some other person, of which she quickly started to apologize for. "Oh my goodness... please forgive me... I didn't see where I was going!"

Honestly, she would have rather being delivering crying, squalling newborns over this.

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