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He had no idea it would feel so nice to kiss her. He'd never imagined he would kiss her, ever, but now it happened and it felt great. Of course it always felt good to kiss a girl, that's why he did it and often it made him want more than just the kiss and that might also be the case here, but... it was different with her. He did want to kiss her again and he did want to try and touch her, but this was not just any girl, this was Caecina and he really liked her. And she seemed to feel the same, or so he thought. Although when he asked her before, she didn't know if she had a crush on anyone. But she allowed him to kiss her. It was kind of confusing. Now, when the kiss ended, she agreed that it felt very nice and she smiled, so it definitely hadn't been bad for her. Now he feared an awkward silence though and the best to do about that... was to end it, so he suggested it was her turn in the game.

Caecina laughed her pretty laugh, but then one of the guards showed up and said they had to return to the villa. Damn guards, Marcus thought to himself, while Caecina stood and said she was hungry. Marcus smiled back at her and stood again, but the guard was still looming near them and he couldn't really speak privately with her.

"I'm glad you had a good time." He replied, they had to keep this a secret after all. Gods, he kissed Caecina! Juliana would not like it. Juliana must never find out. He looked at the guard, "We'll get our horses and come to the path." He told the guard and walked over to his horse nearby, making sure to walk close past Caecina, "Don't tell anyone about what just happened... I won't either." He said in a low voice to her on the way and hoped she could and would keep the secret.


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Caecina was amazed how good it felt to kiss him, too. He was a good kisser, and a jealous part of her said that it was because he had plenty of experience. But, to be fair, she had a fair bit of practice as well, so she couldn't be completely jealous. Just as an awkward silence was descending on the pair, a guard appeared and told them it was time to go. Caecina was partly glad that he had saved them from having to make conversation after their kiss, but also annoyed that he had interrupted. Because part of Caecina - a very large, vocal part - wanted him to kiss her again. 

As she was wrapping her palla around herself, Marcus walked past her and whispered in her ear not to talk about what had happened. She smiled innocently. "I'll be the picture of discretion. You can trust me." And she was genuine. She wanted to remember the moment and keep it hidden like a gift. She mounted her horse with some help from the guard and turned to Marcus with a grin. "I'll race you back to the villa!" And, like nothing had happened, she was off. 


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