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Your Lauren Needs You

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So, I thought I would finally put up some adverts for characters that have existed on the peripheries of my ones but I think would be fun to have played.

Sestia Vaticana Wanteds

Sestia's Character App

For Sestia, I guess the main wanted would be either her father (who I believe is a site canon, so check out the canon list) and her brother. Her sons are available but are a bit too young to get into decent independent RP. There is also her freedwoman, Brysias, but I have been a bit controlling of her as a NPC so far so I haven't put her up.

Therefore, I would put up the following suggestions:-

  • Gaius Sestius Vaticanus (father), Proconsul of Africa and Friend of Caesar (site canon so site canon rules apply)
  • Gnaeus Sestius Vaticanus (brother)


Titus Cornasidius Sabinus Wanteds

Titus' Character App

Titus is my villain, currently a Tribune in the Praetorian Guard but fancies himself something of a Sejanus. Firstly is probably a wanted for him - I'm looking for potential wives for him (PC or NPCs) as well as husbands (PC or NPCs) for his sisters.

In terms of wanteds:-

  • Anyone from his family list in the app (or husbands/wives if anyone is interested in that);
  • Other members of the Praetorian Guard. Currently he works closely with his faithful centurion, Valens, but would be nice to have lower rankers or fellow Tribunes.


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