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Marcella Laelia

Marcella Laelia

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Marcella Laelia.

30 | 20 August 45CE  | Equities | Matron | Heterosexual | Wanted | Michelle Ryan |





People often notice something off about Marcella, she is charming and quiet like any matron should be but there's something off putting that people notice when encountering her. She never truly accepted her place as a woman, she plays the game and never appears to overstep her bounds but underneath she is full of ambition. From a young age she had been taught that men and women had different roles to play and that she as a woman would get married and become a mother. Marcella couldn't accept this, it wasn't the marriage that bothered her, she had no problem marrying but it was the children part that irked her. She wanted to do more with her life than just make babies. She keeped these thoughts to herself though, if society would only see her as a baby maker she would let them, being underestimated is sometimes useful. It is her life's ambition to become the most powerful woman she can, because if she will always be in the shadow of men she might as well try and influence the ones in power. She doesn't care about societal pressures about her, when going out she wears her hair in extravagant updos,  will apply natural makeup,  and will wear whatever is most appropriate for the event; but when in her own house she has her face bare and her hair down in loose locks or tied back in a braid. She tries to appear to be the perfect wife, she always does what is expected of her when in public and never rocks the boat. This can make her seem stuck up to other women while also making them envy her apparent perfection. Her personality changes depending on who she is speaking to, she is two faced but only for her own personal gain. Her alliance lies only with herself, at parties she listens to gossip and learns secrets but never shares them. This makes her seem like a trust worthy friend, but in reality she merely learns all that she can incase she needs to use it to her advantage later.



Marcella is fairly average looking, she is beautiful but there is nothing very striking about her. She is of average height and has long straight brown hair that she styles extravagantly even going out but when she's alone just keeps tied in a braid or hanging loose. She has ivory skin that is free of any blemishes or freckles, but she does have a dimple on her left cheek. Her eyes are a greenish blue and she has slightly short but curly eyelashes that frame them. She has an hourglass figure and slightly full lips. 



Father: Vitus Marcellus Laelius

Mother: Julia Axia (24CE-47CE)


Albus Marcellus Laelius (40 CE, brother)

Sabinus Marcellus Laelius (42 CE, brother)

Vitus Marcellus Laelius (46 CE, brother)

Junius Marcellus Laelius (47 CE, brother) 

Spouse: Titus Cornasidius Sabinus (eventualy, technically they haven't meet yet)

Children: none

Extended family: none





Marcella lost her mother when she was very young, she had died giving birth to her son Junius. Marcella grew up without a feminine influence, her father and a handful of slaves helped to raise her into a lady but she was always most happy when playing with her brothers. She fight care for playing with dolls or pick wild flowers like other girls her age, she much preferred to play a game of war with her brothers. She would always be on the side of her older brothers, Albus and Vitus, and they would fight to protect their stick from the younger two, Festus and Junius. They would run around with wooden sticks they pretended were swords and battled to protect their territory and obtain the others territory, it was much like capture the flag. When Marcella was seven her brother Albus, now 12, began schooling. It was at this point that everything changed for Marcella, Albus came home from school saying that Marcella was not allowed to play with them because she was just a girl. Not understanding why, she join her younger brother's, Vitus and Junius, team. From that point on it was clear that she had a strategic mind, she lead her younger brothers to victory despite them being up against older children. It continued on like this for a couple years, Marcella eventually joing her older brothers in school and everything was fine, until Festus went to school and was mocked when his class mates learned that he still allowed her sister to play with them. From then on Marcella was written off as a different species, she would still have a good relationship with her brothers but they didn't see her as their equal anymore. 

Teenage years:

When Marcella was pushed away by her brothers she learned to do "womanly" things to pass the time, she learned to spin, weave, and sew, but the task weren't complex enough to occupy her mind. She read often, mostly history and studied arithmetic. If got to the point where she was so good that she would help tutor her older brothers. When she was 15 her father revealed that he had found a husband for her, she was not happy with this news but didn't see what choice she had. That night her bethroded came to dinner to meet his new bride. Marcella was horrified, her father had promised her to a 50 year old man who was halfway drunk upon arrival. She had given her father the benefit of the doubt but this proved that if she were to be forced go marry she could only trust herself to pick her husband. That night the man spent most of the even speaking to her father and brothers, apparently not interested in anything she had to say, but she often caught him staring at her lustfully. She couldn't marry him, not if she ever wanted to move up in life. On the day of her wedding she inacted her plan, ground up shards or glass and sprinkled them in his food and wine when no one was looking. He was dead before the ceremony even took place, everyone assumed it was alcohol poisoning that killed him. She later learned that he had had three previous wifes, all of which he had divorces when their looks faded; her father had only promised her to him as a thank you after he had stopped him from falling off a bridge. Marcella never regretted killing him, but she feels guilty every day for not feeling guilty for killing him. From that point on she went to every party she had once found dull. She made friends with the right people and set her eyes on climbing the social latter. She has her heart set on marring a senator even though it is a long shot.

Adult years:

Marcella's adult years mirror her teenage years, she goes to partys and looks out for anyone she deems worthy of her hand. As she is still living at home she cares for aging father and ignores the pressure for marriage by him and her four brothers. It is the perfect situation for her, her father is the head of the house but as his health begins to fade she gains more and more control over her own life. Just so long as she can keep him alive but ill she can run the household as she pleases, she know that this will not last and that one day her father will pass and one of her brothers will have authority over her, bit for now she is exactly where she wants to be. She is content to hold out on marriage for as long as she possibly can because she is convinced that she will find a man that will see her as more than some silly girl who will spend her days spinning and constantly be giving him child after child. She wants a man who will respect her and will she her ambition.



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Your application is currently pending.

Please check your PMs for an application review.



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Your application has been accepted.

Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.





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