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first acquaintance.


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Hello everyone,

My name is Scott but I go by Nioh online. I love to write and I am especially interested in historical fiction.

Honestly I'm very interested in a medieval Japanese historical RP but I also love ancient Rome!

I am looking forward to becoming a part of this community. I will be interested in military, politics, and romantic storylines... Or whatever else people might be interested in.


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Welcome @Nioh 👋🏼

You’ve come to the right place for military matters, politics and romance as we have all three in spades!

I’m also a medieval history fan - although I’m focused largely on England and Wales - so would love to pick your brain about Japan!

Really looking forward to plotting ☺️

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Hey @Nioh

Welcome to the site, glad to have you on board! If you ever come across a Bakumatsu-era rp board, please give me a heads up 😄

Hope you like it here, looking forward to writing with you! And feel free to come and say hi on Discord.

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Hi @Nioh nice to meet you!

Honestly, and with some bias, I can say this is the best online historical RP site I have worked on. The people who write here love ancient Rome and also write really well and have some excellent plots and story lines.

Also am hugely into Japanese medieval history and the Sengoku Jidai. Did a whole load of writing before (which I never finished but should) on Minamoto no Yoritomo!

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