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Annis is a clever mind. She isn't one to brag or boast about her skills, but rather to let her skills speak for themselves. In a crowd of people, she is more likely to stand on the fringes and listen and observe, rather than to engage in conversation, but she isn't unapproachable. She has simply learned that letting people talk makes it easier to learn about them. She is ambitious and driven, dedicated to her training as she always has been, and eager to gain patrons and fans through her success in the arena. She is a skilled fighter as well, using her strength as well as her wits to win.

With the little freedom she has, Annis can be impulsive in what she does, whether that's taking lovers or drinking excessively on her down-time. She misses her freedom, but she enjoys her work all the same. She is slow to form real attachments to people, not trusting the Romans to take that away from her, but when she does form an attachment to someone, it is for life. She is also loyal to a fault, willing to overlook the character flaws of people she loves. 



Annis is a quintessential Briton woman. Standing much taller than most Roman women, and some Roman men, the woman carries herself like a queen, with perfect posture. She has golden blonde hair and blue eyes as well as fair skin. Her usual attire is a tunic with leggings, and when she is in the arena, she paints her face with woad. Annis trains almost constantly, so she is muscular, though not overly so. She fights with a pair of swords. 



Father: Brennus

Mother: Fedelmid

Siblings: Wulfrun

Spouse: None

Children: None

Extended family:




Annis was born in a Britannia taken over by a foreign entity: Rome. Luckily, Annis's tribe was small and their village remote, so they had been largely overlooked by the Roman invaders. Brennus, Annis's father, was the leader of the tribe, while her mother, Fedelmid, was a warrior. Annis was the younger sibling of her older brother, Wulfrun, who was slated to become the next leader of the tribe. The girl's early childhood was spent happily enough. She learned important survival skills, how to ride a horse, and how to use a weapon. The village didn't have to worry about Roman soldiers too much, but that was soon to change. 

In 62 AD, Annis's tribe joined Eppitacos in his effort to oust Rome from Britannia. Annis was too young to join the battle, but Wulfrun was old enough, and Brennus led the tribe into battle. Annis was left behind in the village with the elders. For days, the tribe members that had been left behind in the village anxiously waited for news. Finally, word came. Brennus had died, along with many of the warriors. Wulfrun returned, barely eighteen, and became the leader of the tribe. The battle had been mostly successful, but not entirely, and there had been a large loss of life. Wulfrun had been trained well by his father, though, and managed to keep the tribe together, despite his inexperience. 

Annis continued her training, now spurred along by a goal of revenge against the Romans. She became proficient in many weapons, particularly swords, and when she turned sixteen, she decided to set out on her own and find her closure. She spent a year this way, moving from village to village, looking for ways to test her strength and exact revenge. When she was seventeen, she stopped in a village and found a group of young men and women in similar situations to her own, who wanted vengeance and to revive Eppitacos's efforts to oust the Romans. She spent another year with this group, moving around and fighting where they could. 

One day, when Annis was eighteen, the group decided to hit a Roman outpost, having grown in size. But the group had greatly underestimated the strength of the legionnaires, who soundly defeated the group with catastrophic effect to their numbers. Annis and a number of the more influential members were captured during their retreat. After being questioned for some time, Annis was sold as a slave to a ludus in Rome and sent on her way. 

Annis has made a name for herself as a gladiatrix, though it took some time to get her to fight. Now, she fights in order to gain her freedom and return to her brother and tribe in Britannia. 



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