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Ship for Aglaea

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I guess I'll try this haha 😅 Here is her app: App. But long story short, she's a body slave to Livia Justina, from Judea, and was raised Jewish but is a newly converted Christian. 


Slaves or freedmen probably make the most sense bc social classes lol 


An already created character is welcome, or a new one! Aglaea's fc, Nazanin Boniadi, was in a movie called Ben Hur and Nazanin and the main character are an item, so maybe that's a suggested fc? But also I saw that the White Racing Faction has a wanted with that fc suggested so maybe you could kill two birds with one stone? 


Anyway Aglaea's domina doesn't want to give her up/ let anyone else occupy Aglaea's attention so there's plenty of juicy drama to happen there >:) PM, Discord me, or reply if you're interested ❤️

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