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Ship for Aglaea


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I mean, c'mon guys, just look at these two <3

Name: Up to you! 

PB: Preferably Jack Huston

Nationality: Anything! But Jewish might make sense. 

Status: Slave or freedman

The Plot: So, the woman on the right is my character Aglaea. She is a body slave to a wealthy mistress, Livia Justina. Aglaea has fallen on some... hard times. She is a newly converted Christian, and has been keeping that secret, but her biggest problem right now is her master, who has been using her to bear him a child in the place of her mistress. Aglaea has recently become pregnant, so there is some great drama happening within her household. Naturally, things are not going well for Aglaea, so I thought it might be sweet for her to find a lover who she can take comfort in. 

How they met is definitely something we can plot together. Sharpie has a wanted ad for a charioteer for the White team with the same PB (Jack Huston) - so, perhaps this character could be a charioteer and you could kill two birds with one stone? I would really love to plot something out with someone because Aglaea deserves some happiness and I just love fluffy love stories. Please let me know if you're interested! You can reply here, DM me here on AeRo, or you can contact me on Discord (my user is Echo #6308). 

Thank you!

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