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Freedwoman, servant and lover


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Gaia Lucia


Suggested Face claim: Jenna Lind (but feel free to find another)
Age & Birth Position. 25 years old - b. 50 AD
Position: Freedwoman and servant
Parents: Up to you!
Other family: Up to you!
Orientation: Bisexual

Personality: Usually caring and outgoing - but also outspoken and does not always take no for an answer
History: Gaia Lucia is Pinaria Gaia's former body slave. She was owned by Pinaria's late husband, Gaius Gratius Varro and probably came into his service a few years before he married. Her parents were free but enslaved and Lucia was born as a slave. In 69 AD, Gaius Gratius Varro married Pinaria Gaia and Lucia was given to her to become her body slave. Pinaria and Lucia quickly became close friends and Lucia has been Pinaria's confidante ever since. They were only close friends though, Pinaria never cheated on her husband, although he did on her. When Gaius died, his slaves were freed, but Lucia (as she was known before) stayed with Pinaria as her personal servant. Lucia soothed Pinaria after Gaius' death and the two became lovers, although secretly of course. Lucia also gets along well with Pinaria's 4 year old son, Gaius. They now all live with Pinaria's brother.
Ultimate Goal: To have children of her own.
Other informationPinaria Gaia's application
Who to contact: Atrice


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