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Pinaria Lucilla


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Pinaria Lucilla

36 | 20th October 38 | Senatore  | Widow & Mother | Demisexual | Canon | Flora Spencer-Longhurst





On the surface - cool and collected, charitable and quick witted. appears to have everything under control. Behind the scenes - talented, fiery, will quarrel with certain people. At the core. loves her daughter, loves her siblings, loves the children that her siblings brought into this world. 

Unwavered by the sands of time and the change that it brings with it, Lucilla has proven to be adaptable in the face of whatever life throws at her. Steady rock against the storm. Yet, perhaps, people take that steadiness and adaptability to mean she is a pushover, she is not. She has strong opinions and when she feels like it, she will let them be known. Even if it gets to the point of quarreling with someone. She has no ambition to rise in the world, she knows she's close enough to top of the food chain of society and is secured in that. As well as well aware that it is easy to topple from that spot should you displease those with more sway than you.

Perhaps she is her father's daughter in the sense. 

She is not a vain person by any sense, not even a cruel or hard-hearted one. But she has a certain lack of dislike for the ridiculous (especially when it's women of her own status) and yet, she does a good job holding it back from bubbling to the top. Often venting in private and away from the person her ire has been stroked against. 

Her favorite person to quarrel with has become her sister's brother-in-law, Jullus Alexander, whenever they find themselves in each other's company. 



Warm brown hair and eyes. A sweet face that life and laughter has begun to line. Petite in stature, has a mother's softness to her body. Likes linens and cottons to wool and silk as far as clothing is concerned. Styles her hair a little out of fashion but she prefers it that way. Simple in jewelry and makeup. While boasting a lovely face, she does not consider herself any great beauty worthy of praise. At least not in the way her younger sisters are. Laughter and sorrow have taken their hold over her faces as well. 



Father: Publius Pinarius Natta - Deceased

Mother: Livia Ocella  - Deceased

Pinaria Natta - sister, deceased
Publus Pinarius Natta - brother, alive
Pinaria Livilla - sister, alive 
Pinaria Gaia - sister, alive
Pinaria Lucretia - sister, alive

Currently widowed, with no prospects (so she thinks)
Decimus Ostorius Scapula - husband, deceased.

Ostoria Decima - daughter, living 
Several other pregnancies, most ending in miscarriages or stillborn children.

Extended family:
Her siblings' spouses and their children.

Lartia Gaia - stepmother, deceased + her connections
Cornelia Annthea - step mother, deceased + her connections 



In 38 AD Lucilla was born to Publius and Livia as their third child and second daughter, following her only brother by a few years. She would grown up close with Pinaria and Publius Minor, as well as with Livilla, the sister born to them in 40 AD. Yet there was always a sense of sadness with her and her younger sister. As Livilla's birth brought upon their beloved mother's death. Yet there would never be enough bitterness in Lucilla to blame her younger sister for the unfortunate happening. By the year 46 AD, her grandmother had begun her lessons for her, making sure she - like all of her sisters would be - well educated in the ways of a Roman wife. While her grandmother's influence wasn't short lived, it was however challenged within a year, as Publius remarried in 47 AD to Lartia Gaia. With another daughter, Gaia, following the wedding in 48 AD. As much as she was uncertain about her stepmother's affections towards her stepchildren, she loved her new sister and would later help her grief when their father's rotten luck with wives took a second the same way as he lost the first in. This time in 50 AD with the birth of the youngest of them, Lucretia, harolded in the deaths of the two matriarchs of the family. And nearly lost the baby with them. 

Life, as always, was a series of moving on and when she was 20 and newly married herself to Decimus Ostorius Scapula, her father married Cornelia Annthea, mother to the Augusta of Roma, in 58 AD. She tried to keep the peace between her father and younger sister, Livilla, but as time went on, the marriage was short lived, much to her baby sister's dismay. Annthea exited their lives via a divorce a few years later after the Augusta dies and things became sticky, politically, around Rome. She would suffer her first miscarriage in 60 AD and produced a stillborn son, whom she had hoped would by her husband's heir a year later in 61 AD. 62 AD then brought civil war to the realm and she was at her elder sister's side when Pinaria drew her last breath, dying of childbed fever, not even her former step-brother's victory and ascention to the highest seat of power in the Empire, thus marking the end of the bloody civil war brought much joy. Nor did her family's return to the city. 

65 AD made her both an orphan and a mother all in the same month. Her father had fallen ill and she was not there to be at his side. Ostoria Decima came squaling into the world very unhappy to have left the warm of her mother's womb, but her arrival was met with much joy and happiness. 67 AD brings upon change as well, there is a new Augusta, who grew big with child, but there was heartache. Less with her, but still it was gut wrenching to watch her baby sister lose the only mother she knew once Annthea passed away. Her own life was in shambles, however, and she had to focus on that. Her womb was broken in a way, something about Decima's birth had made it that much more impossible for her to keep a child in her womb to full term. She and her husband began to live difference lives, her husband pushing her and her family away from him and all but ignoring his young daughter as she grew. 

Both Gaia Lucretia marry in 69 AD and she acts the roll of mother for her younger sisters. Lucretia's husband is a familiar face, little Laelius all grown up. Age had tempered the snobbish, stoic boy she had known a decade ago. It's a good match for her youngest sister. A better match than the rest of them would ever get. And she couldn't help but wonder if there was something more divine at play, knowing Annthea's meddling. Gaia's husband, while not familiar to her, became a friend shortly. She liked Gaius. He was kind and friendly to her sister and she felt that was a good thing. Respect could grow into love. She had seen it many times. The following years would see the family grow as both of her newly wedded sisters would have children. From Lucretia a niece and Gaia a nephew and while her marriage crumbled she found joy in the ever expanding family. And the following years would continue in this pattern. 

74 AD would end with her husband's death and she eagerly moves her daughter and herself back into the home she spent her childhood in. Her brother welcoming them with open arms. 75 AD dawned and after her period of mourning, she placed herself back into society. Looking for a family tie her daughter to in hopes of securing her only child's future. 




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