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Titus' Men


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To note, these do not replace the group of young men set around him via family and favored connections.
These are simply the men (hired and enslaved) that have been chosen to handle his upkeep. 

Tag me on here if you're interested or hit me up on Discord!

Names & faces are open to the person who takes them!


50+ | Studiis | Equite
Titus had had many tutors over the course of the years, but this is his latest one.
He focuses highly on politics, much to Titus' distaste, and philosophy. 

Titus holds the man in high regard, however, and the two have much of the same
bond that Titus has with his three uncles. NAME should expect to retired very well off. 

He is firm and serious, but intelligent with a hint of kindness
backing his interactions with people.

18-20 | Body Slave | Slave
Name has been with Titus since their youth, and is one of Titus' closest confidants.
Name reminds Titus a lot of his late twin, and has plans to free him as soon as he
gets the chance to and can legally do so. 

It's possible NAME was born into slavery, or sold into due to the familial debt.
He was given to Titus by Annthea and was never a whipping boy for Titus.

He is easy going, often going with the flow of life as it sees fit.
However, he is hard working and earns his keep.

20+ | General Assistant | Slave
While not as close as BODYSLAVE, Name is loyal to his master
and does his best to maintain the household that Titus keeps in his quarters.

He handles most of everything that doesn't get handed by Titus himself
or by BODYSLAVE above. And acts as scribe and secretary for Titus. 

Calm on the surface. Duty is everything. Sharp witted and clever.

30+ | Guard | Slave or Hired
Name maintains a certain distance from his charge, believing that it
would be best for him to do so, in order to limit emotions
to get in the way of him doing his job.

A great deal about him remains a mystery to Titus.

The man is like a mountain in personality; quiet, stoic and stubborn.

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