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In the early hours of June 30th, after a week of feeling very weak to light tremors in the surrounding areas of the Eternal City, the land between Rome and the port city of Ostia was hit by a very strong to severe earthquake.

With tremors being felt both north and south, especially southwards towards Naples, the Via Appia has sustained heavy damage and as a result travel between Naples and Rome is currently severely restricted.

Depending on the state of them, buildings suffered moderate to considerable damage, or more so with older or poorly constructed buildings. 

Officials expect injuries and deaths to be reported throughout the affected areas.


How your character reacts is up to you.
There will be no special board for this mini event, however, so please time stamp and tag your posts if they are related to this event. 
You may use this an an opportunity to write off characters or npcs if you feel the need to. 

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