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Because you've stepped into...
The plotter for my lady. (Ladies if I'm so tempted ^^ ) 


Here you find the lovely character(s) I am playing and the sort of plots they are in need of.

Safinia Laelia
19 | Lady | Senatore 


The daughter of Lucius Safinius Regillus, Senator. She has been known for her reputation of finding ways to dismiss or find a way to distract a suitor to her. But however, don't let that scare you off from speaking to her. She is smart like her father. (Though she may disagree upon that.) But she has the stunning beauty of her and mother. She can hold a great conversation and does care for those she has a caring bond for. (You just have to see it. ) 
Looking for:
Safinia would like to  have a small social circle she can have to talk to when life with her family is making her wish for Hades to take her for a summer or two. 
Friends always are welcome.
She doesn't have any enemies at the moment but that could build up over time. 
Well, her father is actively seeking suitors for her so this is pretty much open for any single man to try. Safinia would like it if she could influence her father if she likes a suitor certainly.  (Let the fun begin!)


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Hey Emy *waves*

For Safiana, we've already got a few things going, but there could easily be more. Lovely Alexius would not exactly be a suitor - unless she'd ever marry a freedman - but he would definitely be interested in meeting her and flirting with her and who knows what else he wants (I think everyone knows what Alexius wants) 😄 so he might not be a suitor, so she doesn't have to be afraid he'll court her. He would just have fun with her. Could be bad for her reputation though, depending on how they get along - but that's an interesting twist too 😉 he's a bit older than her, but Alexius says that such things are less important...


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Hi! -waves- 

@Atrice - Oh boy that's a distaster waiting to happen lol but he could be a good ally too. I can see her matching his flirtation but not too much to lead him on you know? (Because social classes lol ) But he'd be playing with fire just a forewarning haha

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Hey Emy! 

I can throw the following at you, let me know what you think! 😄

Horatia Justina - is a senatorial woman, married to Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus who is very seriously in the running to be a Consul in January. She has two teenage children (she's thirty-two) and is all round a bit of a perfectionist. She is very bright and articulate, but prefers to remain in the shadows a bit. They could always meet at some social function, or already be established friends? 

Lucius Cassius Longinus - is a widowed Senator, who was left at the altar by his fiancé not all that long ago. He's a mercurial man, with lots and lots of energy and a smile and a laugh for most people. He is generally a 'fun' guy, at least when in Rome. He's a decorated military veteran who served as a legate three times, so isn't just about the fun-times, and he has a mind for strategy and war. He's not actively seeking another spouse at the moment, whilst he gets over his heartbreak, but that doesn't stop his mother or friends from trying to set him up. They could always meet if her father (who he may well know from the Senate), awkwardly tries to engineer a meeting? 

Besides those two I have; Charis and Zia - both are slaves, although Charis is much nicer than Zia - who, is also selling marijuana on the sly. I also have Didia Nonia who is a plebeian market trader, and Vibia who is a sex worker at the brothel the Domus Venus - but I think your lovely lady is unlikely to run any of them atm. I do have another character in the works who would be fun to throw her way, but I'll wait to see if she's accepted/I need to do edits first! 

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