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Cornelia Scipionis

Dear Hearts

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These are all freedwomen and lovers of Cornelia and her husband, Quintus.
They are well take care of and enjoy freedom greatly.
Not First Comes First Serves. Hit @Gothicand I (@Anna) up on discord.

Sulpicia Q.L Carina

Age 25 to 30 | Suggested FC: Meryem Uzerli

Bisexual. Thought to be German. A more recent purchase, bought at first to be a wetnurse for Sulpicia Annthea when Cornelia was healing from the difficult birth. While lacking Venusiana's wit and Harmonia's musical talents, Carina is a kind and thoughtful young woman. One who easily wooed her mistress and master into their affections. She's a second mother to the children and prefers to stay at home instead of venturing out like the others. 

Sulpicia Q.L Harmonia

Age: 30 to 35 | Suggested FC: Brooke Harman

Lesbian. Greek. Simply stunning. Not to mention kind and humble. Unexpecting and uses that to her advantage should the need arise. Came to Quintus and Cornelia as a gift from Cornelia's late aunt, a skilled musician and singer. Later freed like Venusiana. Lives with her former master and mistress still, enjoys their company and affections, however is the one that does the most with her freedom.

Sulpicia Q.L Venusiana 

Age: 35 to 40 | Suggested FC: Melike İpek Yalova

Bisexual. Origins unknown. The eldest of the three and the first to be freed. Intelligent, beautiful, devoted to her former Mistress.  Cunning to boot, with ties to the Lovers of Eris. Was once the body slave to Cornelia but after the two of them, and later on Quintus, became lovers - she was freed upon Cornelia's request. She lives with the family, still, often sharing Cornelia's bed, with or without Quintus. 

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