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The year had not been kind to Cornelia in the recent months. The death of her cousin, chiseling off yet another member of her generation of the Cornelii, had been taken more harshly than she had expected it to. She hadn't been close to her Scipii cousins, not in the way she was with her  aunt's children, but still it gutted her. So she had begun her plans to migrate south during the summer, to go their seaside villa down in Naples and bring some people from the eternal city with her. Plans that were set for mid July, her beloved doves in agreement with her that it was needed. 

However it seemed the gods had other ideas for her. 

The trembles had been felt by all in the week ahead. It was nothing unusual, often time the gods rumbled and grumbled for their mortal entertainment to remember that something more powerful existed. Yet what she woke up to just now wasn't the trembling she had felt in the days leading up to this dark morning. She woke up to shattering, and smacking, Harmonia's sweet sweet voice pulling her out of her sleep. 

"Whats going on...?" She asked groogily as she came to. "Earthquake, my love." She heard Harmonia's reply to her and that shot her awake. "We have to get out of the building." She said as she shoved her covers off, grabbing her coverup as she ran from the  bedroom, knowing her lover would be behind her.  Down the hall, she could see Carina leading the children out of the rooms, followed by a gaggle of slaves that were kept with the children, but she couldn't see her husband or their Venus. 

"Cornelia, please." Harmonia's begging pulled her away from her frantic search and she followed her down to the courtyard where everyone was gathering for safety. She scooped her youngest child up as Annthea came barreling into her legs, asking her where pater was at, "I don't know baby, I'm sure he'll be here in a moment.

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