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Didia Nonia


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Didia Nonia

25 | 1st May 50AD | Plebeian | Stallholder | Bisexual | Original | Ana de Armas





Didia is a 'good girl' as her father likes to describe her. She is dedicated to her family and endeavours to help them in any way she can, which as of late means more time spent at the markets and on her rounds with her brother. She is a hopeless optimist and has a generally sunny disposition - qualities which help sales but are actually genuine. She spends the majority of her time with other plebeian's and slaves given her profession and so is down to earth and happy to pitch in where necessary. She has precisely zero ambition for anything more for her life; she's utterly content to live and die as a plebeian and can't imagine a life spent in the lap of luxury like in some of the houses she attends. Conversational and chatty, she'd willingly talk to anybody she comes across although she struggles with those far removed from her own social standing - not that she comes across them much! She's a bit jaded on love and romance after her divorce, and isn't actively looking for a husband. Her father overlooks the fact that she really should be settling down by virtue of the fact that she's a helping hand now he needs it, and is content not to press the issue which suits her fine.



Didia is of a fairly average height with a youthfully curvaceous figure. She's not had children yet, and so has maintained a body free from its trials and scars. Her family are Hispanian and so she has olive skin with dark hair, but has inherited from somewhere a set of bright hazel eyes. She has a round face and full lips which make her appear a little younger than her years. She dresses simply in serviceable clothes but tries to look neat and orderly because as her Papa told her, first impressions count and she wants to promote their business to the best of her ability. 



Father: Gaius Didius Nonianus (alive, born in 25AD)

Mother: Suetonia Gallia (alive, born in 24AD)


Lucius Didius Nonianus (alive, born in 47AD)

Publius Didius Nonianus (alive, born in 48AD)

Appius Didius Nonianus (alive, born in 54AD)

Suetonia Nonia (alive, born in 56AD)


Lucius Accius Dardanus (alive, born in 45AD) - divorced in 73AD

Children: N/A

Extended family: Numerous nieces and nephews from her siblings.

Other: N/A



50AD: Didia was born the third child, and first daughter, of two Hispanian parents in the province, in the city of Urgavo (modern day Arjona). Her parents were traders, with a reputable business selling produce to the town and earned a good living. Her parents had adopted the Roman customs and names (their own original family names long lost to history in an attempt to assimilate) and thus named her Didia. 

58AD: Following the birth of her youngest sibling and her mothers proclamation that they wouldn't be having any more to join them, having endured five births in nine years, her father seeks new horizons. His brother, Lucius had moved to the eternal city before Didia's birth and realising he needed more profit to feed five hungry children, decamped the family from Hispania to Rome - moving them into a squalid little insulae where the bulk of the family still live.

62AD: Whilst the rest of the Roman empire was cast into turmoil during the Civil War, her father sensed a business opportunity. Fresh food was scarcer to come by and so by leveraging his connections throughout Italy (with his brother) and Hispania, Gaius managed to keep the business going - in fact it thrived. 

64AD: Her oldest brother, a source of constant disappointment to her father, moves out of the family apartment to make his own way in business, becoming embroiled in one of the gangs (she dares not to ask which one). He returns periodically with another new child from another new woman, or to ask for money.

68AD: Her middle brother, Publius, marries a nice young woman whose father is a blacksmith for one of the Senators (she finally learns what Senators are in the process), and moves out to another insulae in the city. 

70AD: Keen to remove unnecessary financial burdens from his home given a few years of poor harvests, Gaius deigns his daughter to marry a colleague at the market; Lucius Accius. Didia does her duty and marries him, moving into his insulae. The marriage was fine but fairly loveless and Didia realised pretty early on that her husband was only interested in men. He was away often, tending to his perfumery business and having affairs of the flesh. She didn't mind, and tried her best to support him by working the various stalls he had set up across the city. 

73AD: After three years, and mounting debts - Lucius asks her father for a divorce. His habits and spending meant he was no longer in a position to support a wife and Gaius begrudgingly accepts his daughter back into his home. He marries off Didia's younger sister, Suetonia, to a more promising man and she moves out - leaving Didia, her younger brother Appius, two of Lucius' illegitimate toddlers (whom she looks after with her mother) and her parents in their apartment. She tries to be as helpful as she can and redecorates it; managing to finally make a partition so she and her brother can have a little privacy from her parents.

75AD: Her father is involved in an accident with one of his delivery carts and subsequently now struggles to walk. Didia and her brother take over the management of the delivery rounds and she finds her chances to visit some of the domi of the rich and powerful thrilling. 



Sara | GMT | Discord - Sara#2296


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