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Spurius Gaius Lupus

Spurius Gaius Lupus

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Spurius Gaius Lupus

21 | 2 October 53 CE | Plebian | future inheritor of the Elysium| Asexual (bi-romantic) | Wanted | Milo Ventimiglia





On the surface Spurius can appear to be very guarded and prickly, and to an extent he is, but this is a self-defense mechanism he has developed due to his uncle's abuse. He has a huge soft spot for prostitutes, women, and slaves, pretty much all the people his uncle takes advantage of. He and his mother have a very close relationship, as a child he had to watch his mother being mistreated by his uncle, when he grew older this caused him to become very protective of her and others who he sees in bad situations. He's the type of person to get involved when he sees injustice happening no matter the circumstances, with the exception of his uncle, anytime he intervenes with him it only ends up hurting him and his mother also. He takes pitty on the people working at the Elysium, particularly the women, and will try and help them however he can, just so long as it's not undermining his uncle. 


Spurius is a bit taller for his age, and slightly scrawny. He is much stronger than he look because while he is fit, he's not at all muscular. Taking after his mother, he is olive-skinned with wavy brown hair, but both his eyes and hair are darker than his mother, presumably traits that he inherited from his dad. His facial structure also differs from his mom as it is much more defined. He wears his hair a bit longer than most Romans, but not long enough to be considered barbaric. 



Father: unknown 

Mother: Gaia Lupa

Siblings: N/A

Spouse: N/A.

Children: N/A

Extended family:

  • Uncle: Titus Aspanius Lupus 


  • N/A



Childhood: Spurius grew up never knowing who his father was, and his mother always refused to tell him. Instead of his biological father helping his mother to raise him, his uncle stepped in. Though helping wasn't exactly what he did, he provided financial support but Spurius and his mother were used as his pawns and were constantly manipulated and mistreated by him. Spurius avoided the bulk of it because he was the future inheritor of the Elysium and therefore useful in his uncle's eyes, unlike his mother. He never made any childhood as he tended to be quite skittish.

Teenage years: He began to be trained by his uncle to handle his "business" which in addition learning to the usual bookkeeping and such, also including being introduced to some very shady fellows and being present for some under the table dealings. With this his relationship with his uncle got simultaneously worse and better. Worse because he could now process how poorly his mother (and to some extent him) were being treated, but also better because he learned just what had to happen for his uncle to support them. Age also brought with it bravery, as he got older he learned to stand up for himself and his mom, though the consequences were often disastrous. Instead he used his newfound courage to help the slaves in the Elysium behind his uncle's back, he wasn't able to do anything big, mostly it was just tending to any injury they might have or providing whatever extra food he could. It was during this time that he realized that while he truly hated how the Elysium was run, when he took over he could change it. He didn't like the idea of running a brothel but he didn't have much of a choice and he knew that with everything he learned he could one day turn it into a place to rival even the Venus. 

Adult life: After accepting his fate that he would one day run the Elysium he became more and more eager to learn from his uncle. He never told anyone about his plans for making the brother a much nicer (and kinder) place, instead he just let him that that he had finally come around to seeing the world as he did. As he got older though he also got bolder, even going aw far as selling a girl to a nice donuts outside the city behind his uncles back and convincing him that she had managed to run away. It got easier and easier to defy his uncle, the more he accomplished the less causius her became, making his antics very risky.

Laria | Central Time Zone| PM 

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Your application has been accepted.

Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.











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