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Scheming Pleb needed!


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Below you'll find the eldest brother of Didia!

Lucius Didius Nonianus
28 years old - black sheep of the family - gang member and layabout
Playby is OPEN - Sean Teale or Santiago Cabrera are suggestions (must be Latinx or Spanish)


The eldest son, Lucius was due to takeover his fathers business but decided a life of sex, criminality and hassling his poor parents to death was more fun. 

I'm very open about what kind of debauchery he's involved with, could be employed by the Syndicate (who run the premier brothel the Domus Venus) or in league with the n'er do well Titus Aspanius Lupus played by Beauty, or even employed by one of the other Collegia, or goes it alone as a thief/enforcer.

He currently has at least two young children which he has dumped on the family, and lives elsewhere in Rome doing Gods only know what. He consistently hassles his family for money, going to the lengths of raiding the family home when its empty to look for money, stalking his siblings to bother them etc. He probably has a few women (or men) in his life as lovers, but besides being a good for nothing scoundrel, the rest of him is up to you!


Feel free to DM or discord me (Sara#2296) if you want to chat! ❤️


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