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25 | August 10th, 50 AD | Slave | Charioteer – Factionis Viridi | Sapiosexual | Original | Alex Høgh Andersen




Had Caeso only been born into a wealthy family that could give him the proper education... but he was not and had some, although it would appear to be just enough. At least his first owner discovered his potential and taught him some valuable skills, that he now enjoy putting to good use. But Caeso is still not quite like the other people and slaves that surround him. While he has friends and tolerate the other slaves and freedmen around him, he is easily bored in a conversation if it turns to be about mere gossip. Caeso likes to think and he likes to discuss the matters of the world - and the matters of horses and races. It is only when he has had some wine that his mind will finally relax a bit, because he tends to overwork it. In fact he likes to work. He hates being bored. He is determined, calculating and cunning and devoted to his job and his team and his horses. Since he was young, he always enjoyed learning new things and has a retentive mind. He hates the other racing teams with a passion and will do whatever is in his power to win a race.

Caeso does enjoy the fame. But it is indeed the fame itself that he enjoys, and not what people offer him in return. He is not very interested in romance or sex; some think something is wrong with him, because unlike some other charioteers, he does not sleep around and he often rejects people who offer themselves to him. It sounds like a cliché, but Caeso is like this - it's not about your looks or appearance, that does not turn him on. He's turned on by your mind. He is attracted to other intelligent minds instead of their lovely faces. He has met few who truly interested him and cares little about gender and more about how you think and how you talk.

He does have something of a temper, that shows when he is either very bored or something did not quite go and work out as he had planned. For example, Caeso really enjoys winning a race. Then he knows he did the right thing and he will enjoy the cheer of the crowd and the attention people give him. But if he loses a race... or something just does not go as he had hoped, Caeso may react by yelling, throwing things, kicking people... until someone manages to talk him down or simply leaves him alone. So really, it is just best that he wins. For everyone.



Caeso is fairly tall, standing just about 5´10” tall and he has fair, often tanned, skin. His build is athelic and slim and his upper body appears stronger and more muscular than his lower body – probably because it’s his upper body he uses mostly for his work. He has dark brown hair and striking, piercing blue eyes – a feature many ladies tend to adore, although he pays them little mind at all. He has high cheekbones and a sharp jawline, that together with his blue eyes, make him easily recognizable. He most often wears a practical tunica, that ends just above his knees and good soldier-like sandals on his feet. When he races, he wears dark armor and in the colors of his team of course. His hair is long and on an ordinary day, it is pulled back into a ponytail. When he races, he makes it up to appear more fierce with twists and braids in a Germanic style that his mother taught him and says her mother taught her. Caeso likes to look fierce, exotic... and frightening.



Father: Unknown gladiator

Mother: Spurilla, 43 – slave

Siblings: Gaius, 22, slave (they only share mother, not father)

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Extended family: N/A


  • Dominus: Lucius Gavius Caepio, head of the Green faction/Domine Factionis Viridi



Spurilla, Caeso’s mother, was born as the daughter to two slaves that came from the wilds of Germania. He can probably thank this heritage for his height and his blue eyes, although he knows little about the lands up to the North, as he has never been there. Spurilla was born as a slave and grew up as a slave and still remains a slave. When she was 16 years old, her master began using her in his bed and when he held social parties and orgies, he would also use Spurilla. This was how Spurilla ended up underneath a few gladiators for entertainment and about a month later, she discovered she was pregnant. And into the world came Caeso the slaveboy. His mother later had another son, Gaius, whose father is also unknown.

While he was very young, he behaved like most other children and when he was old enough, he was taught to perform regular small little tasks in the household. He enjoyed the work and the routines faster than some of the other young kids and as he grew older and the tasks grew more complex, he turned out to be a good at solving issues and troubles in his daily work. His master began to take notice of the young boy and took him in, began to teach him things. Caeso was like a sponge, he liked learning. When he was ten years old, he would recite famous works and poetry in the household and he would help his master with his work as an apprentice secretary. He loved every second of it. Meanwhile his younger brother was a very different type and Caeso never had much to do with him.

His master died when he was 13 years old. Caeso’s life suddenly changed, as his master’s brother decided to sell Caeso together with his mother and his younger brother, Gaius. He ended up in some stables, where they required hard labor and it was nothing like what he was used to. At first he hated it. He wanted to go back to his old master, but he was dead and his mother explained that such a life was over now. She would do other work and was just pleased her life had now calmed down a bit. They had to accept this new life. And eventually, Caeso did adapt. Very well in fact. He found that he liked the horses and they liked him too, it seemed. When he watched the races, he sometimes came up with ideas on how to beat the other teams or how to sabotage them… and the ideas often worked. Caeso wasn’t at all useless here.

Soon they allowed him to help warming the horses up for the races; someone put him in a chariot and let him steer. Caeso found he enjoyed the speed and enjoyed using his skills when it came to strategy and thought – to plan what to do next, to calculate the next turn and the next sabotage to the opponents. He knew the horses and knew how they would react to what he did. And he did it well. When he was 20 years old, he participated in his first race as a charioteer and never looked back since. He’s happy in that position; he enjoys the action and the speed and using his mind at the same time. And it works. It has earned him fame. And he likes to keep it that way.


50 AD – Caeso is born verna
53 AD – Caeso’s brother, Gaius, is born
57 AD – Caeso is taught useful skills by his master
63 AD – Caeso’s master dies and he is sold to
Lucius Gavius Caepio, head of the Green racing team
65 AD – Caeso begins working closer together with the horses
70 AD – Caeso races for the first time as a charioteer, and wins. Thus his career begins
75 AD – Caeso is now a popular and well-known charioteer in his team


Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or find me at Discord: Atrice#7964

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