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21 | February, 54CE | Slave | Elysium Worker | Bisexual | Original | Adelaide Kane





Deia is a damaged person. She has been shunted around for most of her life due to the unfortunate circumstances of her birth, and this gave her a deep-seated sense of insecurity. She struggles to feel safe anywhere, even inside her own mind. For her own self-preservation, she has developed an acute observant strain, noticing even the tiniest details of any place or conversation she is in. Though she is insecure and therefore timid about advocating for herself, she has a surprising strength when it comes to the suffering of others, and a compassion that runs deeper than any damage she has suffered. She may not advocate for herself, but she will certainly do so for someone else. Also because of her insecurity, she is easily pliable by those with more power than she is. She's used to being the omega, the lowest on the totem pole, so she defers to the orders of others. She is good at pretending to be whatever her customers want her to be, but opening up in earnest to those who might want to be her friend is incredibly difficult and would take months of trust building and confidence. 

To those who get to know Deia, though, she is a genuine and heartfelt person, and has a sense of humor unrivaled by any. Her compassion for others extends even more strongly to her friends and she is fiercely protective of them. She is a good person but has a hard time dealing with her past. 



Deia's is a gentle beauty. Her skin is pale, suggesting some northern heritage, but her hair is a very dark brown, matching her almost-black brown eyes, which look like still pools of water. These beautiful, kind eyes are framed by dark lashes. Her mouth is lovely and delicate, often accentuated with lip color to entice customers. Her style of dress depends on the situation; at the brothel, she wears provocative clothes because it is what the customers enjoy. But when she is sent out on errands, she dresses much more modestly, not really one to want to show off outside of her work place. 



Father: Unknown customer of her mother's

Mother: A Greek prostitute

Siblings: Unknown

Spouse: None

Children: One stillborn child when she was young

Extended family: None

Other: Master: Titus Aspanius Lupus



The circumstances of Deianira's birth were not that uncommon. She was the result of a one-time visit between a man and a prostitute, a nine month gestation, and a painful birth that (unfortunately) did not kill mother or child. But Deianira was not meant to have an easy life from the start. She stayed with her mother for the first few months of her life with her mother, until she was weaned off of her milk. Then, her mother became anonymous to her, and Deianira's care went to the nurse of the brothel in Greece. She grew up in the brothel, hearing customers and workers together, seeing things that no child should have to see. She never knew a happy, normal home during those formative years, only that seedy location. 

When she was too big to tuck away in a corner unnoticed, the owner of the brothel decided to send her away, as she was getting in the way instead of being particularly helpful to anyone. She was sold to an older woman to be a maid in her household when she was about twelve, and she spent the only stable, happy years of her life in that Greek villa, being largely ignored but left alone, to her relief. But when she became eighteen, two events formed the next chapter of her life: her mistress died and her household was broken up, and Deia's looks became undeniable. In the slave market, she was picked up by a brothel owner and began her work as a prostitute. 

The time in this brothel was difficult. Deia soon learned that as long as she kept her head down and her mouth shut, she would survive, but even doing that sometimes wouldn't prevent her master's ire from being provoked. He was a cruel man and would often beat his workers. Deia managed to survive, but her insecurities were only heightened during this time. After two or so years working there, Deia became accidentally pregnant. She was not unhappy about the development, but hoped it would give her an out from the brothel. But when her time came to give birth, the child never took its first breath. Deia's mind was broken. She only sat or walked listlessly around her room, flatly refusing to see any customers. Finally, her master became fed up with her behavior and sold her at the age of twenty to a traveling slave trader, who brought her to Rome. 

The change of scenery was welcome and helped Deia to move on from her sadness, or at least tuck it away. She remained with the slave trader (who was not an unkind man) until he deemed her well enough to be put back on the market. Finally, she was purchased by Titus Aspanius Lupus and is now starting work at the Elysium, a broken down and lost girl with no real sense of place. 



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