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Lover for Cynane


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Fierce Cynane, well known all over Rome it seems, has a fine life at the palace, serving Claudia Caesaris. And while she has developed some very caring and deep feelings for this beautiful young woman, she is lacking some proper, tender loving care in her life. She has been with Claudia since 72AD, she has been in Rome for 14 years now and in all of this time, she has not felt emotionally close to someone who would kiss her and hold her as a lover. She would never admit she needs it, but she does. By now, she more or less lives a life in celibacy, although it is not entirely by choice. It's just because she is afraid to let people in. Which means I get sent out to look for love for her - or just romance, it may be long-lasting or it may not be, as long as it is something fluffy to make her relax and feel a little bit of hope again. She has been rather angry and gloomy lately 😉

And who knows what it will end with anyway?

This could either be a completely new char, made to meet Cynane, but it could also be a character who is already there. I like for relationships to develop over time and having a specific character made for this would feel a bit 'forced' and that usually does not work well for me. They could be male or female, she has had most male lovers in the past (or she wouldn't call it lovers, since it was when she was a gladiatrix and forced to bed them). She is leaning more towards having a female lover though, but perhaps the right man too could break through the hard shell she has.

She would need someone who would respect her as a Briton and a warrior, who wouldn't try to make her feel submissive or docile and who would make her feel a bit free when she is with them. It could be a slave, a freedman or even someone of higher rank. 

Know that even if she develops feelings for your character, she will probably also feel conflicted because of her feelings for Claudia. But that just leaves a bit of drama up the road and who does not want that? 😄 

Let me know either via PM here on message me on Discord, if you have a character to offer for Cynane. 

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