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19 | 2nd August 55 | Slave | Prostitute - Dancer - Musician | Bisexual  | Original | Oksana Butovskaya





Flirty, vibrant and haunted. She wasn't just hired for her pretty looks alone, and while she's not the brightest bulb in the room she knows how to fake it. She loves to flirt, especially with those who are going to pay for her time and bed. She is an attentive lover, and while her past with her former brother-master haunts her, she does not stray away from whatever her customer wants from her that day. She's also a vibrant merrymaker, often entertaining the clients that walk into the Venus looking for companionship and entertainment before picking out their lovers for the night. She loves to sign and to dance, flitting around the room with a sweet tune on her lips and a look in her eyes that promise a good time for whoever decided to have her that night. 



The first thing anyone notices about Peitho is her hair. Thick, lush, curly and vibrant red. And yes, the carpet does match the curtains. She is petite and of a slim figure, toned and kept fit by the activities she participates in at the Venus. She is sweet of face and has warm skin that is littered with freckles, and big bright emotive hazel eyes. When its time for work, she dresses like the many coworkers she's with. Provocatively, with hair styled both stylishly and sensibly, in case she gets a hair tugger for the evening. If she leaves the Venus, she dresses according to her tasks. Simpler, modest clothing to hide the fact of what she is and more flamboyant things, like she wears in house, if she's tasked with taking her profession to the streets. 



Father: Numerius Papirius Carbo (60 at his death in 70ad, deceased)

Mother: Albina (36, real name unknown, whereabouts unknown) 

              Full Siblings: Cleon (brother - 16 - whereabouts unknown) & Heron (brother - 17 - whereabouts unknown)
              Half Siblings: Numerius Papirius Carbo (30, alive) Papiria Carbo (25, alive), other bastard children of Numerius' she doesn't know. 

Spouse: n/a

Children: Clio (deceased)

Extended family: who knows. 

Other: Domus Venus



Summer was high when Peitho was born in August of 55AD, to a young slave girl from Gaul who had the misfortune of being pretty enough to make her master's cock twitch into attention. The outcome was largely unwanted, but there she was nine months after the fact and she wouldn't be the only one that came out of that accursed union. Her brothers joined her in her mother's quarters in 56 and 57, each of them barely 11 months part. Albina was her sire's favorite until something new and prettier came into the house, and her mother and they were finally left in peace.  And Peitho grew up learning what she must to survive in the household she was born into; cosmetics, singing, dancing and hair styling. 

That's how things remained until 65AD, when Peitho was gifted to her sister as a hair slave, having shown great skill in the work. Her sister, while not kind, was not a cruel mistress, and the two grew close enough for her sister consider her a close companion. Her job was relatively easy, and her charge was easy to please, especially when they discovered that Peitho could mimic just about any of the more modern hair fashions that was coming into play. But in her life, all good things came to an end, and she was not allowed to leave with her mistress when Papiria was married off five years later in 70AD.  That's when everything changed. After her sister's wedding, the master of the house died, suddenly, of a heart attack and his slaves were willed to his son. 

By 71AD her brothers and mother had been sold off, along with the countless other children and women Numerius believed to have been his father's offspring and lovers. Yet, she remained. And she would soon learn why. He didn't believe her to be his sister. Her mother's hair and coloring had overpowered any genetics her father might have gifted her. The memory of his breath on her neck as he told her his belief and why he had kept haunted her for years, and the relationship he forced her to partake remain the stuff of her nightmares. She was kept to his rooms, forced to join him on whatever assignment he was given. She had been clever enough to keep his seed from the nightly rapes from taking root in her but she slipped up.

Or he discovered what she was doing. For in 74AD she delivered a girl, and the truth came to him at the sight of the deformities present in the screaming newborn. The child didn't see the next morning. As much as she would want to blame Numerius for the child's death, it was her who smothered it. Believing death would be far kinder to the child than living would be. She was sold off to a slave trader as soon as she was able to travel and a few weeks later she was on the marketplace in Rome. Where she caught the eye of the madame who owned the premiere brothel in the city. That is where she's been since then. 




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