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Senator's Son


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I've included Titus on a group wanted thread, but here's the expanded version, just for him!


Titus Calpurnius Praetextatus

Age: 14 (born August 61CE)

Possible PBs: Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game of Thrones) (L) or Eugene Simon (Ben Hur 2010) (R)

upxRbsP.png           JdJCL9s.png

Born in 61CE, Titus was still only a baby when his father had to flee Rome under cover of darkness, in fear of his life during the purge at the outbreak of the civil war which ended only when Quintus Flavius Alexander took the purple. Brought up in his grandfather's home, his actual father was absent on various military campaigns until Titus was seven. When his father was given the governorship of Raetia, Titus and his mother and younger sister accompanied him. Because of this early absence of his father, Titus' relationship with Aulus may be a little distant, a little strained, although that has eased somewhat over the last three years. Titus is a bright inquisitive boy, born into a Senatorial line and with an aunt who is one of the six Vestal Virgins. The family has recently returned to Rome, where Titus' father is running for Consul, with Quintus Augustus' support, so Titus is a member of a privileged family.

(Please note: Titus has been played before in one thread, and has been put back up as a wanted due to long-time inactivity. His previous app can be found here.) His personality and outlook are up to you; he may take after either or both of his parents, or neither of them.


There are plenty of other members of the household; if you have an idea for someone, get in contact! Also, there's open spaces for friends and former colleagues, and those who have served under Aulus during his military career, or more recently during his time as governor of Raetia.

Notable dates:

August 61: Titus born

December 62: Aulus leaves Rome during the purges of the Senate; Horatia takes Titus to his paternal grandfather's house at Baiae

May 63: Horatia and Titus return to Rome

July 63: Titus' sister Calpurnia Horatia is born

September 68: Titus' father Aulus returns to Rome from his military campaigns

September 70: Aulus, Horatia, Titus and Calpurnia go to Raetia where Aulus has been given the position of Propraetor (governor)

April 74: Aulus and his family return to Rome


PM me here or catch me on Discord (Sharpie, #4424) if you're interested and want more information or to discuss anything about Titus, his background and his relationship with Aulus!

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