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A Knife for my Wife (closed)

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Sept 75AD

Barely controllable anger filled him. An affair. His wife... dared to have an affair on him

He exhaled sharply with his hand tightly gripping around the parchment that confirmed the dreaded news. His suspicions had been accurate, and he chose to believe her over what his instincts were telling him. Revenge. All he could think of was revenge. The pair of them shared a daughter together. No sons.... no-one to continue the family business that depended on a strong man to continue both businesses. Titus opened the scrunched up piece of parchment, opened it and read it a second time. The dreaded news remained the same. Idly it was tossed into the fire and as he watched the flames consume it. He imagined the love and respect for her slowly being eaten alive before it was replaced with ash. 

Titus was now determined for her die. He had sold on Clio, an act of love and kindness. The... feelings he had for the slave was not appropriate considering. He smiled to himself in bitter determination and thought more on it. Perhaps now was the time to seek out a younger, more fertile wife who could provide him with the sons he desired? Death, it was necessary, and at least... she had been discreet when it came to her dealings with them. 

He poured himself some wine, and decided now was the time for the search to begin. 


OOC: I checked with Gothy if this was okay. 

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