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Aulus Avilus Galerius


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36 | 21 Junius 39 | Senatorial | Spymaster | Hetero | Original | Conleth Hill





Aulus is, on the surface, a kind, gentle man. His babyface invites you in, makes you feel welcomed, cared for, and valued. Most are, to be honest. Those he knows personally and of course his family are genuinely loved and protected, but less so would be those he works with and for. He does do his best work for them, regardless of his feelings, but if it came down to himself or them, then he would certainly choose himself. He is absolutely one that separates emotion from business. He knows that when emotions enter into business, mistakes get made, and due to his job and his boss, he can't allow that to happen. If he allows himself to think past the surface of something, to involve his heart along with his head, he will get pulled into a mental and emotional quicksand that it will take him days, if not longer, to get out of. In his line of work, that's dangerous, even deadly.

Much like a duck, though, the quiet and non-threatening Aulus can and will be rather ruthless if need be. He may not be the one carrying out the act personally, but he will not hesitate to make the call to have it done. The sweet, soft cinnamon roll everyone sees is thrown to the wayside for a conniving, snippy, almost bitterly shrewd snake-in-the-grass. This change, oddly enough, mostly happens around children and abrasive adults. Adults - everyone can understand that, but why children? His adored wife passed before she could give birth to thier first child, so children are a sore subject for him, and just a reminder of what he's lost and can never get back. In order to redirect his attention from this new lifestyle he's chosen for himself, the new connection he finds will have to be a very strong one.



Aulus is.. not a man of remarkable appearance. Standing at about 5 feet 9 inches, he is a rotund man with a gentle face and kind, sparkling blue eyes that tend to see everything, even if you don't think so. The most noticeable thing about him though is his bald head - though if he had hair, it would be a dark blonde, almost brown hue, as indicated by his eyebrows. He dresses according to his social class while out in public, but in private, he dresses for comfort. He keeps himself well groomed as to not attract unwanted attention, and always wears his wife's wedding ring on his right pinky. He also wears his wedding ring on the left ring finger and a ring bearing his family's seal on his left pinky.



Father: Atilus Avilus Galerius, age 65 {b. 10 CE} {d. 70 CE}

Mother: Caelia Cyrica, age 62 {b. 13 CE} {d. 71 CE}

Quintus Avilus Galerius,  age 46 {b. 29 CE}
Spurius Avilus Galerius, age 42 {b. 33 CE}
Avila Galeria, age 29 {b. 46 CE}

Spouse: Agrippina Julia, age 30 {b. 43 CE} {d. 73 CE}

Children: None

Extended family:
Gaius Agrippa Julius - Father in Law {b. 13 CE} {d. 68 CE}
Priscilla Mania - Mother in Law {b. 59 CE} {d. 70 CE}
Lucius Agrippa Julius - Brother in Law {b. 28 CE}
Fabius Agrippa Julius - Brother in Law {b. 32 CE}
Agrippina Mania - Sister in Law {b. 44 CE}

Other: None



39 CE - Aulus was born third, after his two older brothers Quintus and Spurius, who grew to be in the military and the senate respectively. His parents, with them, felt they had their family's future cemented, so they cared not what he chose for a career when he came of age.

46 CE - Seven years later, they brought forth a little girl to be named Avila. As she grew, her older brothers protected her absolutely, and she became good friends with the daughters of Gaius Agrippa Julius - Agrippina Mania, the eldest girl, and Agrippina Julia, the youngest. The two girls also had two older brothers, Lucius and Fabius.

57 CE - When Agrippina Julia reached the age of 14 and he was 18, he asked permission from her as well as her parents, to begin seeing her in earnest. He had watched her grow up through the visits with his sister, and felt a growing bond that they could cultivate. Both the parents and Agrippina agreed to this, so a true relationship began to form.

58 CE - Aulus, seeing an opening to assist his family in their chosen jobs, joins the information trading career path. 

60 CE - Just three short years later, he asked Agrippina Julia to marry him, which she accepted.

62 CE - Agrippina becomes pregnant with their first child, a girl, but loses it due to complications.

64 CE - Two years later, they try again, just to lose a son. Aulus, devestated, throws himself into his work while she goes into a deep depression that even he cannot seem to bring her out of.

67 CE - In his work, he learns of a gang run by the Caesar's friend who carries out high ranking assassinations. Thinking this could be a lucrative opportunity to use his work for something other than it's initial intentions, he joins up with them in secret to supply them with information on targets as well as their inner workings.

70 CE - Through his father three years after, he met Pinaria Lucretia and her husband through his father at their wedding and still keeps in contact with them to this day.

72 CE - In winter, not having recovered fully from her depression, his wife falls ill. He does his best to stay by her side while working simoultaneously, but he doesn't have long to divide himself - in the spring of 73, her illness takes her from him. He has, since, dove into his work headfirst and focused on that alone, aside from the limited amount of time that he gets to spend with his immediate family. When he wasn't working, he was navigating repairs on his home, left over from the eruption and tremors of Vesuvius.

75 CE - With repairs completed, he's into his work now more than ever, carrying information back and forth between the Caesar and his group of assassins with the utmost speed and accuracy.



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