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Aeterna Roma RPG

An Enforcer & Salesman Needed!

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Name: Gallus - full name up to you! 

Status: Freedman or Pleb.

Age: Anywhere from 28-45.

PB: Very open! Jacob Anderson, Ray Stevenson and Todd Lascance are suggestions to show you I'm really not fussed! Any ethnicity/age (in the above bracket) welcome!

Gallus1.gif Gallus2.gif Gallus3.gif

Plots: So! Zia, my salty, horrible, traumatised but just...unpleasant important Dacian lady-turned slave has started a new empire on the sly, dealing weed. It sounds far fetched but the Dacian's were very keen on the stuff (which I've termed 'flower'), mainly for their priestly class. She has managed, over the last few months to take over the business of a foolish man who was the main supplier in Regio IV. She has high ambitions to earn a fortune to free her son, and then herself, and get her own back on her dominus. Her involvement in this enterprise is completely secret and she uses Gallus as a frontman. He makes an appearance in this closed thread. He has been employed on credit from his previous employer (the man whose business Zia stole). 

Personality: I imagine he's quite outgoing and charming, but a bit rough and ready. He is a great salesman but is ruthless and supports Zia to the hilt, liking her drive and acumen. 

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