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Wulfric of the Chatti


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23 | 21st of June, 52 AD | Foreigner | Prince | Heterosexual | Original | Joe Armstrong





Wulfric is well-mannered, friendly, openminded and diplomatic – he is generally just a nice guy, who wants the best for those around him and of course especially for those, that are friendly towards him. While he is raised to be a warrior, he does prefer to work things out with words rather than fight. Wulfric has a lot of empathy and is good at reading other people's emotions and he's a problem-solver. He likes to discuss solutions and think them through, before reaching a decision about what to do. He is however also confident, so that when he decides on an opinion, it is the right one and he can be quite stubborn – demanding to be paid attention to, when he wants his opinion to be heard or there is something he desires. Maybe he inherited this trait from his father?

Wulfric likes to be heard and believes that when (if) he returns to Germania, he will come closer to his grandfather and uncle there, because there is a possibility that he could become the next king of the Chatti, if anything should happen to them. He does not really have a mean streak though, he’s not out to kill them, but he is prepared to take over, if he must. In Rome, he hopes to find his father and hopes to be a bridge between the Chatti and the Romans. Wulfric is and wants to be a peacemaker of sorts, if that is at all possible. He is very curious to learn about his true origins and his family in Rome, although the Roman way of life is certain to be a surprise to him and may turn out to be quite different than what he thought.



Standing just about 5’10” tall and with striking blue-green eyes, Wulfric has always been told he is as handsome as he is strong – and he is strong, a warrior and guard of his tribe. Much made sense to Wulfric, when his mother told him about his true father, because he never looked much like Wulfstan, his stepfather. He has some resemblance with a Roman man called Tertius – especially the nose and face shape, but also the shape of his body appears much like his. He has brown and slightly curly hair – and with a bit of facial hair, unlike most Romans. His clothes are native to his tribe of course – mostly made from wool and flax. He has two sets of clothes, a simple set that is brown and yellow/green and a finer set dyed with indigo. He always wears a light green long-sleeved tunica as an undershirt. On a daily basis, you’ll find him with a pair of light brown long trousers, a light green tunica and/or a leather vest for colder days. The tunica reaches his mid-thigh. For finer occasions, he has a pair of indigo trousers with an indigo vest to wear on top, closed with buckles. Add to this of course always a pair of good shoes and a belt with a purse and his trusted short sword.



Stepfather: Wulfstan of the Chatti (deceased)

Father: Tertius Quinctilius Varus

Mother: Frieda of the Chatti

Siblings: Hilda (21) and Signy (18) – half-sisters in Germania

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Extended family:

Hrodulf, grandfather – Chieftain/King of the Chatti

Hrolf, uncle - Frieda's brother and next in line to be king

The Varus Clan in Rome




Before Wulfric was born, there were Romans roaming just across the Rhine, on the other side of the border to the great Roman Empire. There were Legions waiting there, just in case anything should happen, since the Romans really wanted to expand their empire. They failed last time though, all thanks to a man named Varus. The stories still went in the tribe about that man and especially how the Germanic tribes worked together to defeat him. But that was all a long time ago and now, the Chatti mostly lived in peace with the Romans, trading with them when they had the chance – carefully, though. Hrodulf, the Chieftain of the Chatti, did really enjoy that Roman wine. Hrodulf had a son, Hrolf, and a daughter named Frieda. And in 51 AD, when Frieda was 18 years old, she travelled across the border to the Romans along with other women and men from her tribe, to entertain and please the Romans, to make sure they would stay friendly with the Chatti.

Frieda was actually betrothed to be married when she returned from the Romans. But among the Romans, she met a charming young man – there were many, in fact – but she singled one out. His name was Tertius and in his name was also Varus, which she found remarkably interesting. She ended up spending a pleasurable night with the young and handsome man. So much that she returned every night the entire time she and her people were with the Romans. Then she went back home and married Wulfstan, one of her father’s best guards, as planned, although she was already pregnant with Tertiu's child. Nine months later, not long before she gave birth, she had a dream. Tertius, the Roman, was holding a boy-child in his arms and placing him on a throne. It was not a dream easily forgotten. A week later, on Midsummer's Day, Frieda gave birth to Wulfric. This also told her that this boy was special. Her husband thought it was his own son, but Frieda knew it was Tertius’ and the older the boy grew, the more obvious was the resemblance to her. With Wulfstan, Frieda also later had two daughters, that are Wulfric’s half-sisters.

Wulfric grew up as any kid born to a princess in Germania would. He had everything he wanted to have, but he also learned how to fight and fend for himself and as he grew older, he knew that while he knew how to fight, he did prefer to settle things more peacefully. He was officially declared a prince to the Chatti tribe, when he reached puberty and went through the rites to become a man – his grandfather was the king and his uncle would be king too, after all. Wulfric became one of his grandfather’s guards when he was old enough, while his father was in the king’s council. When he was 18, 5 years ago, the Romans began to move more into Germania and made their own settlements. Wulfric was encouraged by his mother to get to know them, not yet knowing why. The Romans in Germania taught Wulfric a lot of Latin, as he spent time with them as a kind of ambassador for his grandfather. When Wulfric was 21 years old, Wulfstan, the only man he knew as a father, died from illness. After his death, Frieda told her son the truth about his real father – that she suspected it was a man by the name Tertius Varus and that man was in Rome. And this was why she wanted Wulfric to know the Romans and their language. She wanted Wulfric to go to Rome and find his father and seek further knowledge and perhaps glory - and then come back home. She had, after all, never forgotten the dream she once had. A year later, Wulfric was on his way to Rome and on the verge of fall after he turned 23 while travelling, he finally reached Rome. 

Timeline of Wulfric's life: 

51 AD - Frieda sleeps with Tertius Quinctilius Varus. A month later, she marries Wulfstan, but is already pregnant.
52 AD - Wulfric of the Chatti is born, officially to Frieda and Wulfstan
54 AD - Wulfric's sister Hilda is born
57 AD - Wulfric's sister Signy is born
66 AD - Wulfric goes through the rites to become a man. Afterwards his grandfather officially declares him a prince.
69 AD - Wulfric is made official warrior and guard to his grandfather
70 AD - Roman settlements form beyond the Rhine. Jullus Flavius Alexander has encouraged traders and settlers to move into Germanian lands, initiating "the peaceful settlement of Germania." Wulfric befriends some of these Romans to learn the language and about the Roman way of life.
73 AD - Wulfstan dies and Frieda tells Wulfric whom his real father is. He soon begins the long travel towards Rome.
75 AD - Late in the summer, just before fall, Wulfric finally arrives in Rome.


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