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Publius Horatius Justinus

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Publius Horatius Justinus

40 | 14 October 35 | Rank | Senator and Soldier | Heterosexual | Wanted | Daniel Craig





The best way to describe Publius is "older brother." Being the eldest of four, he has had to shoulder a lot of responsibility from a young age, even having to act as an auxiliary parent when disputes broke out among his younger siblings. He takes pride in his mediation skills, his maturity, and his dutifulness, but he tends to be perhaps a little too serious. The fun-loving side of his personality most often comes when spending time with his younger brother or when with his friends, where he can afford to not be so serious. 

An accomplished leader (perhaps because he cut his teeth on leading his siblings well), Publius is a military man through and through. Clever and an excellent strategist, he knows how to inspire trust and pride in his men and has led them to many victories. Publius is also a competent statesman, but his heart is in the military, where his leadership and discipline shines through. 

Like any man, Publius has his flaws. He is a bit of a control freak and is perhaps too concerned with perfection. He has a bad habit of working himself ragged and then wondering why he is tired. But his flaws become his strength when he applies himself correctly and he is usually contented with his place in life, particularly when it comes to his family - he is very family-oriented. 



Publius is a rather impressive specimen. Of average height, he makes up for the fact that he does not tower among men with his military carriage. His physique is toned and muscular, owing to his military training and his daily exercise habits. His face, while growing lined with age, is still ruggedly handsome, with a strong jawline and clear, striking blue eyes. He keeps his hair cropped short and his face clean-shaven, and always dresses as a proper Roman senator would (though he is more comfortable in his military uniform). 



Father: Marcus Horatius Justinus 

Mother: Livia Calavia

Siblings: Horatia Justina, Livia Justina, and Lucius Horatius Justinus

Spouse: Lucia Gaia

Children: Spurius Horatius Justinus (b. 61 AD, 14 yrs old), and Lucia Justina (b. 65 AD, 10 yrs old). 

Extended family: Gaius Horatius Justinus

Horatia Sosia

Gaius Livius Calavius




Publius was born in the year 35, highly anticipated and the first child of his parents. Being destined from birth to be his father's heir meant Publius was both highly valued and heavily pressured to be his best from a young age. His father was highly traditional and so had high expectations from his oldest son. Whether he was learning history and languages or swordplay and strategy, Publius understood his father's expectations of perfection and strove to meet them. Naturally, this had a pronounced effect on the boy's personality, making him quite serious, stoic, and rather obsessed with perfection. 

In the year 42, Publius was no longer an only child, when Horatia came along. Publius was moved to an almost fatherly love of her, wanting to protect and coddle her. Soon enough, in 48 AD, two more children came along, Livia and Lucius, and Publius found himself becoming the leader of the pack (although an altogether strict and protective leader). Whenever arguments broke out among the younger ones, Publius was the de facto peacemaker. He didn't mind the role, though - in fact, he blossomed under it, proving himself to be a natural leader. 

Throughout his childhood, Publius and the rest of the family followed their paterfamilias around the empire as he served in the military. This life suited Publius well, as he found a growing fascination with the military. In 46 AD, when Publius was eleven, the family spent a year in Germania. Publius loved watching the precise lines of soldiers as they marched, the flash of their swords as they trained. The boy knew that this was how he wanted to live his life - in the military. 

There were several more moves throughout the rest of his childhood, most particularly one to Hispania in 50 AD, when he was 15. During these moves, Publius continued his education, distinguishing himself as a dutiful student as well as a clever mind, one fit for military strategy. In 52, the family returned to Rome, and in 53, Publius turned 18 and began the Course of Honor by joining the military. He truly shone here, in the military, where he was able to perfect his leadership skills as well as his military mind. He served for five years in Germania, rising swiftly through the ranks though his excellent discipline and leadership. These skills earned him an appointment to Greece as a Tribune in 58. There, moving among the circles of Greek society in his spare time, he met a girl named Lucia Gaia for whom he fell head over heels and courted for some time before she accepted his marriage proposal. The two were married in 59 AD. Also during his time in Greece, he met his dear friend Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus, with whom he is still good friends and who also married his sister in 60 AD. 

During the beginning rumblings of civil war, in 61 AD, his mother was killed in a riot. Like any child who's lost a mother, Publius grieved his mother - but like a man, and moreover a military commander, he maintained a stiff upper lip and vowed to do his part to end the civil war. A few months after the death of his mother, his son was born. Civil war soon broke out, and in 62, Publius served with Caesar in the East before returning to Rome to quell rebellious groups there. In 65, his wife bore him another child, this time a girl. But he was soon back to war, unable to spend as much time with them as he would have liked. 

Eventually, the civil war ended, leaving Quintus Caesar the leader of Rome, and leaving Publius glad he'd chosen the right side. But after so many years serving in the military, the man was ready to settle down and have some quiet years with his children and his wife. He returned to the newly peaceful Rome and began his work as a senator, which he was capable at and yet not altogether as successful at as military life. Over the next few years, Quintus would switch between serving in the military and serving in the senate, about a year of each at a time. Now, it is 75 AD and there are rumblings of family drama once again. Publius is ready to take up the mantle of family peacemaker again and bring his family closer together. 



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