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Numerius Fabius Maximus Ambustus

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50 | 13 March AD 25 | Senatore | Senator and Soldier | Asexual | Original | Laurence Olivier in Spartacus



An extremely severe man, Numerius has devoted himself, from a young age, to the cultivation of the virtues which make for a true Roman. Some, he has had more success with than others. He lacks, for example, any comitas whatsoever. Numerius is a stoic figure, totally enrobed in a cloak of piety and devotion to the Eternal City herself. His life is one of intense and rigid structure; and he likes it that way. Having been born into a family as revered and ancient as his, Numerius has long felt the burden of providing for the people of Rome a living road map of the via Romana; to whit, he has eschewed the extravagances which his privileged station might otherwise have afforded him. From early in the morning to late at night, Numerius is consumed by his urge to live for Rome--an occupation only beaten in dignity by dying for Her. Do not mistake Numerius' love for Rome to mean that he loves all of Rome's citizens. So great is his devotion to the Eternal City's history and traditions, that he views the vast majority of Her citizens to be unworthy of the name, and holds them in great contempt, particularly the patricians and imperials who do not live up to the concept of noblesse oblige



Numerius' dark features offer the perfect physical embodiment of his staid but passionate personalty. His hair, a dark black colour, full and thick, even at his advanced age, is worn short and pushed forward. His body, too, is still strong as a result of his regimented daily physical training, a by-product of his time in the Legion. His eyes are a deep, penetrating green and, above them sit two thick, furrowed brows. Numerius is not particularly tall, though he is slightly above average. In his daily life, Numerius is hardly ever found without the toga preatexta in a bright white with vibrant purple stripes. Unlike most of his patrician counterparts, Numerius refuses to wear the over-sized togas so popular among the nobility. Instead, he opts simply for the praetexta which, he claims, is the uniform of his office, no more and no less. On his feet, he wears simple leather sandals.



Father: Paullus Fabius Persicus | b. 2/1 BC, d. AD 53 | Former Consul, Pro-Consul of Asia and all-around bad guy according to Seneca

Mother: Julia Livia | b. AD 7, m. AD 25 d. AD 43 | Granddaughter of Tiberius, cousin of Caligula, and niece of Claudius


Gaius Fabius Maximus Major | deceased
Gnaeus Fabius Maximus | 50s, Lucius Caecilus Metellus Sister's Husband, alive


Spouse: None

Children: None

Extended family:

Quintus Fabius Maximus | b. ??, d. 45 BC | Great-Grandfather, general and Julius Caesar's consul 45 BC and a military leader for Caesar in the civil war
Paullus Fabius Maximus | b. ??, d. AD 14 | Grandfather, former Consul AD 34, and patron of poets, accompanier on clandestine Imperial visits, died under suspicious circumstances
Gaius Fabius Maximus | b. AD 44 | Nephew 
Fabia Maxima Minor | Neice
Tiberius Fabius Maximus | Nephew
Quintus Fabius Maximus | Nephew



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