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Spinning tales


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Early September 75 CE

"Now, it may not seem like much at first" Iophon told the half-dozen mildly interested passersby, standing under one of the many columns of the Basilica Iulia. "But believe me, had you stood here say... thirty-nine years ago, you would have seen a wonder. No, I am not talking about the Basilica, or the temple of Castor and Pollux" he added, gesturing to his right "... or even the Capitolium" he swung his arm to his left "... but right here, on this very column, you would have seen a cage. And what was in the cage you ask?" he winked at one of the young women, who paused with her shopping basket on her arm to listen. "Well... it was a true wonder of nature, a rare creature of legends, a being summoned from fire from the farthest reaches of Africa... It was a phoenix!"

Iophon took a pause, looking at the faces of his listeners. He hoped he had hooked their attention, and also wanted to gage if they had any idea what a phoenix actually was...


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