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A Morning Visitation

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Late July, 75AD

Longinus stifled a yawn behind his palm, and tried to ignore the disparaging look the slave waiting with him, shot in his direction. He hadn't spoken to Claudia Corinthia much besides passing pleasantries before her retreat to Greece, and the infamous Imperial Banquet - the memory of which still brought a smile to his lips. Poor Lucius. Yet, even if they weren't friends (barely acquaintances really), it was good to be polite and he had so few connections in Greece that it would appear odd if he didn't reach out to them whilst he was here on his 'holiday'. Besides, he was hoping the news of his failed engagement hadn't reached these corners of the Empire, and he could have a conversation on something other than his miserable love life, and he had an invitation to extend to the small soiree he was due to host. 

He'd dressed for the occasion - in respect of her rank and standing - in a light blue tunic with a darker blue pallium. He'd even shaved for the occasion! Although his hair was probably still too long to be considered proper and every so often he had to run his hand through it to push it out of his forehead. The finery he had arrayed himself in and the grandeur of the villa made him feel...oddly constricted, and he couldn't help fidgeting. The slave shot him another withering look and Longinus arched a brow, which quietened him down and the man reverted his eyes to the floor. He might serve his mistress, but Longinus was still a patrician and a decorated legate at that. 

He was a man, however, with boundless energy and waiting and waiting and waiting to be admitted was beginning to grate on him. When a flurry of activity at the other end of the atrium signalled something was happening, he felt himself relax, and a broad, buoyant  grin spread on his face. The lady approached and he inclined his head in respect. "Claudia," His grin filled out, "A pleasure as always - thank you for seeing me, I was going slightly out of my mind in boredom with so few friends in Greece!" 


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Her day was quite uneventful. Earlier in the day, she had met with and spoken with wealthy Greeks merchants. Each of them eager to gain some level of Imperial favour, and unfortunately her manner was not good for dealing with them. Corinthia almost found herself missing her mother to pass them along to her to communicate with. She had been close to going to the baths when one of the household slaves informed her that she had an unexpected guest. One she had met before, and did not know well. 

She... she did not expect to hear from him

Corinthia remembered the way he had spoken to her in the past. His playful teasing was taken as slights that her petty mindset did not approve of. Still, it was expected for her to meet with him. Since she had not expected to meet with any visitors of note, her clothing was subdued. A chiton and a palla, both in bright white and gold jewelry decorated her ears, wrists and neck. She walked to meet him politely, and noticed he was practically bursting at the seams with enthusiasm for something. A dark eyebrow lifted in irritation, and it reminded her of a hyperactive puppy. His grin reminded her of the smiles people used to give her. The mocking smiles, all before they laughed behind her back and she became increasingly wary of it. 

"Corinthia," She corrected him slowly, what she hoped was a polite smile on her lips. "The pleasure is mine, and you are welcome in my home. What do I owe this unexpected pleasure?" She asked, clicked her fingers and began to lead him inside. It couldn't hurt to have a conversation with the hyperactive Longinus. Aeneas, her faithful bodyguard followed her at a distance, and around them slaves gathered to ensure their Domina and her guest had drinks. 


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Longinus rose his brows at her correction. "Corinthia, my apologies." The Romans were excellent at many things, but imaginative names were not one of them. The amount of times he'd been in a popina and heard 'Lucius!' prompting half the bar to turn their heads, he couldn't count on one hand. 

He folded his arms behind his back as he dutifully followed his host and a slave further into the home. He gave her a surreptitious look up and down her slim figure, which he hoped she didn't see. He could see why his young protege Lucius liked her, even if she was oddly cold. "I've come on a jaunt to Greece," He explained as they walked, following at her side, "To blow out the cobwebs as it were. I thought I'd be remiss if I didn't call on my acquaintances whilst here," He eyed her as they walked, "Even if said acquaintances might rather slap me around the face than welcome me into their homes." His grin widened on his face, "Although I'm hoping the Imperial Banquet is long forgotten? You must have so many parties and such here that it's just a distant memory." 

He was led into a room, richly decorated, with couches and stood awkwardly - waiting for her to invite him to sit.


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