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How unfortunate that the harlot was more cultured than most of her ilk. Livia suffered through the performance with lips pursed into the suggestion of a yellow smile should any of their guests look her way (which was sure to happen, although she tried not to think about it), her glare at Vibia so intense it felt like it could poke a hole into the woman's fair skin. Fortunately, the selected piece was not a long one. Unfortunately, Vibia did have a pleasant singing voice and passable plucking skills - the latter no doubt aided by her usual metier. 

"A satisfactory show, yes," she conceded with a curt nod, followed by a long sip of wine so she could avoid the expectation of lavishing praise upon the performer. "Your blasphemies will not please the gods, Secundus," Livia added without so much as a glance at her husband. "I'm afraid I will have to pass on your offer. I don't find it appropriate for a woman to display such skills in public, but I imagine one thinks differently when they are one's livelihood."

The cup was now empty, and Livia's mood was not improved by this discovery. Gesturing at a slave for a refill and a bite to eat, she gave Vibia a condescending smile. "How long did it take you to achieve this level of proficiency? It must have required a lot of practice." A quick, mocking glance at Secundus insinuated he couldn't possibly have been the sole volunteer to be practised on. For as long as she lived, Livia would never understand what men found so appealing in sticking their precious appendage somewhere hundreds of others had done the same.

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Vibia arched a brow and surveyed the pair of them. Her cheeks were a little flushed after the performance and her mood was buoyed by the claps and appreciative glances being thrown her way by the other guests. If Livia didn't like it well...two could play at that game. "I've been practicing for many years, but...I'm sorry, forgive me, are you inferring something domina?" She arched a brow, "If you have a fault with me by all means tell me so I know how to rectify it." 

She offered the woman a smug, self-satisfied smile and merely glanced at Secundus with amusement. As far as she was concerned Livia had two options; play along and allow Vibia to remain - all the while offering her dirty looks and snide comments, or make a scene and request that she leave. but the time for innuendos was done, and Vibia was bored with this surly little Matron. 

"Or we could ask your husband, whether I have offended him, perhaps?" She tilted her head to Secundus, smile poised and deadly on her lips. A few of the crowd were now looking their way. Good. Let them watch. 


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Secundus' face darkened as his expression shifted. Unable to suppress his anger, he gritted his teeth rather than respond to his wife's comment. Despite the flaring temper, his overwhelming emotion remained pleasure at causing Livia discomfort. He focused on that, managing to produce a smile. Livia's insinuations were lost on him; as far as Secundus was concerned, he was the best among Vibia's men by virtue of his self-awareness. He doubted whether any of the decrepit old fools that thought themselves virile understood Vibia as a reward, bought and paid for. Some likely flattered themselves, pretending that they were offering her something special or unique. No, Secundus knew better than that; what he offered Vibia was a man who understood her, and understood the nature of their arrangement. And in turn, more than the brief bouts of pleasure that she brought him, Vibia's greatest gift to Secundus was this- embarrassing his wife in front of everyone. Leave it to Livia to ruin the impending birth of his child- well, this was her justly-deserved punishment.

"Livia has found no fault with you, dear. She allows envy to get the best of her, as I'm sure you well know, given your experience with men and their wives."

It was a dangerous sentence to utter, flirting perilously close with deadly honesty. To plainly state what Vibia was, and why he had brought her here- but that was what thrilled Secundus the most. He wanted to get a rise out of her- wanted to see Livia's mask of perfect poise crack. He smiled warmly at Vibia, now, excitement buoying him.

"I invited you here to honor us, and the gods- any offense would only come from the fool to question your contribution. A lovely performance. Thank you."


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