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Was she maybe not dead after all? She could feel Thessala’s warmth, the softness of her lips, she could even taste her. And not just her, to be honest. The blood from the battle had also come on Thessala’s lips, making her even more attractive to Rana. So she was definitely still dead. Or not. She was in between, wasn’t she? A spirit, like Thessala said…

 When the kiss broke, they looked at each other and then Rana had to know what that kiss meant… what it was for. She had a feeling, but she wasn’t sure and she had to hear it said. For some reason, she had to hear it said.

 And Thessala sighed by her question. Rana wanted nothing more but to comfort her, but how could she? Then Thessala spoke. She whispered it, but it sounded so loud to Rana. Rana blinked, but then she smiled. Unable to shed any tears in her odd state of being, she had to do what she could do. It made her feel happy inside. Like something had been released. Thessala apologized but Rana shook her head, there was nothing to apologize for! And she wondered if Rana’s people had a place they went, when they died.

 “There are places for the dead. Among the gods. Or in the underworld.” But it was only people who died fighting, who went to the gods. And Rana, she hadn’t gone anywhere at all. Instead she was here and now she finally knew why. Thessala’s words made her feel so good. And they could only do that, because what Thessala said was what Rana felt.

 “It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Only that… Thessala… I also… love you.”


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“There are places for the dead. Among the gods. Or in the underworld.” 

Where would Rana go? Where would Thessala go?... She'd wondered about that before. It would have been strange if she didn't, given that she fought in the arena and risked her life almost every day. Death had still seemed like a faraway concept, until Rana died. And now Thessala wondered if people with different gods went to different places. Or no place at all. Rana belonged with her gods, if there was a choice. The underworld did not feel like much fun.

 “It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Only that… Thessala… I also… love you.”

Thessala sighed again, not trying to hold back the quiet tears anymore. They should have done all this sooner. When Rana was alive. Maybe things would have been different then. But neither of them realized this in time. 

"I don't want you to go." Thessala admitted, looking at Rana as if she was about to disappear. "But... I don't want you to get stuck in-between either. I want you to... I don't know." she sighed.


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