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AeRo's murder mystery sign-ups!


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To end the spooky month with a bang and greet/boo the dark season for those of us in the northern hemisphere, AeRo will be hosting its very own murder mystery game! Participation is optional, but sign-ups are limited to 6 players (1 character per player) on a first come, first served basis. If the vox populi deems the game fun enough, we may run more editions in the future! Remember that this is an AU event, so characters of all backgrounds can mingle even if they normally wouldn't IC.

So what do you need to know? If you've ever played Cluedo, then you're good to go. If you haven't, it's your typical whodunit board game where the player needs to solve a murder by finding out who killed the victim, where and with what weapon by using your deduction and bluffing skills. Here's a quick explanation - but do reach out if you've got any questions or if something is unclear.

The fun thing about Cluedo is that the characters also are the murder suspects, and one of them will be the culprit! So the character you're playing might very well be the murderer, but you as the player won't know that until you've investigated enough to rule out other suspects. Again, this is AU, so unless you're Marcus Barbatius - or unless you want to -, your character will not go down in AeRo's canon history as a vicious murderer.

Here's how it will go:


Claudia Gaia
Titinia Novella
Safinia Laelia
Characters 4-6


  • fire iron
  • poison
  • dagger
  • statue
  • mallet
  • leather strip (like matrons would have for their elaborate hairstyles)

How it works:

  1. Playing order is the same as sign-up order.
  2. Choose a starting position for your character.
  3. You will be PMed your cards and a game sheet where you should cross your cards off.
  4. Staff rolls dice for all the players so you don’t have to wait on us for the die roll, but remember that playing/posting order is the same as sign-up order.
  5. Move your character a number of squares matching your roll, and post with your character moving towards/entering their desired room. Once you enter a room, you must openly ask a player of your choice (tag the person you’re asking) if they have a card for a character of your choice, a weapon of your choice and the room you’re in.
  6. The person you asked PMs you and staff their card. If they don’t have a card, they must openly state it (e.g. by making a quick post saying they had no such information in their possession).  Remember to cross off cards you’re shown.
  7. Move on to the next player. If somebody suspects your character, they will be moved to the location where they’re being suspected, and that’s your departure point for your next turn.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 as the game dictates until you feel you’ve got all three elements pinned down beyond a shadow of a doubt: culprit, murder weapon and crime scene.
  9. Move to the location you’re convinced is the crime scene and make a public accusation. Staff will then PM you to tell you if you’re right or wrong. If you’re right, congratulations! You’ve just won the game. If you’re wrong, you can no longer play actively (perhaps your character got too close to the truth and was snuffed out by the killer?) by making suggestions or accusations, but you can still be questioned on your cards by other players and PM them your cards.

Still interested? Sign up below then!

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