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Lucius Silvius Gallus (completed)

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40 | 26 August 34 | Plebian | Enforcer | Heterosexual | Wanted | Ray Stevenson





All his life Gallus has been a conniver, taking shortcuts through life with a smile and a wink. He swaggers with an intense confidence at all times, whether seducing a woman or intimidating a victim. He has a natural charisma that flows from his rugged appearance and gregarious manner. He loves the finer things in life and enjoys sharing them with friends, and Gallus loves making friends. He has a nasty temper, though, and he can turn from mirthful to wrathful very quickly, especially when he has been drinking. There are times when he can be overbearing and inappropriate, and he's not always self-aware of his behavior.



Gallus stands 6′3″ tall with broad shoulders and an athletic build. He carries himself with the same discipline and posture drilled into him in the army. His olive skin is almost always well-tanned by the sun, and he keeps his dark brown hair cropped close to the skull. He favors the simple and more affordable tunics of the working classes, although he is fond of using accessories when he has the wealth to acquire them. There is always a hint of mischief in the air when he's around.



Father: Gaius Silvius Culleo

MotherSilvia Vindilla

Siblings: Quintus Silvius Bassus (brother)

Spouse: None

Children: None

Extended family: None




Lucius Silvius Gallus was born into a poor plebian family in Rome in the summer of 34 CE. He grew up in the Suburra district, a crowded low-income neighborhood, where he spent most of his days on the streets, engaging in petty vandalism and assaulting other tough kids in wild scraps. Given his large size and aggressive nature, joining the legions when he came of age in 50 CE was almost too obvious. He did not take well to the discipline and authority in the infantry, however, even if he was popular among the other ordinary soldiers for his carefree nature and penchant for contraband. He served in several campaigns in Gaul and Germany as a young man, but spent as much time being flogged as fighting on the battlefield. For all his service he mustered out as the same rank-and-file legionary he was when his military career began 25 years ago.

Returning to Rome, Gallus has joined the city's underworld, using his skills in brawling and intimidation to act as an enforcer. He mostly works independently so he is not associated with any of the major crime organizations; he takes contracts that many would consider "small-time," but it allows him the freedom to accept or decline jobs as he pleases. He has also started to work in the drug trade, acting as both the face and the muscle for a slave named Zia's marijuana business. He admires Zia's entrepreneurship but wonders if the business is prepared for growth, and what complications that might bring. He distracts himself with wine, women, and luxuries as the profits from his criminal activities come rolling in. In his more sober moments, he does wonder what his life amounts to as he approaches middle age. He is glad to be out of the army but he does not want to be a common criminal forever.



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