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It wasn't that long after Rufus had been accosted by Aglaea's master that he saw her again. He was waiting in line at a hot food stall while waiting for his master - the Senate was debating something dreadfully dull and boring that required the presence of the Emperor's brother but not of the Emperor's brother's redheaded body slave.

He stepped out of the queue - really, he'd do better saving his money than spending it on whatever the food stall sold, that they claimed was actual food but was probably dead rat.




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Aglaea had managed to slip away from the domus again today, this time for a fair few chores and errands. After preparing her mistress for the day, she had been sent to gather a few necessary products, including cosmetics and a jar of silphium for Livia. If she had enough money, she would be buying herself some. But she just had enough for some thread and a new comb today -- she would just have to skim off the top of Livia's silphium 

Lost in her thoughts as she walked around, she was suddenly pulled out of them at the sound of her name. Turning about, she saw a familiar red head coming through the crowd toward her and her eyes crinkled in a grin. "Rufus!" As he came up to her, she smiled brightly at him. "Rufus, how good to see you. How have you been keeping?"


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