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Aeterna Roma RPG

Saturnalia thrice blessed [M]

Quintus Flavius Theodorus

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Despite the very narrow bed, Theo dozed comfortably till late morning, wrapping his arms around his wife and lulled by the even breathing of three very satisfied people. Saturalia had been a definite success. But the narrow bed also guaranteed that once someone stirred, so did everybody else. Theo blinked, eyes still blurry with sleep, as he was poked in the ribs.

"Lazy, lazy men, still asleep at this hour? I'm afraid I can't offer you water or wine, I'm stuck here which is...fine by me." 

"Give us some credit, we worked hard all night..." Theo muttered with a smirk, wincing away from the poking. Rufus stirred too, raising a mess of red hair and blinking eyes over the hill of Didia's shoulder.

"Maybe we could try me in the middle next time?" 

"I will try you anywhere" Theo was clearly not quite sober yet. Or awake.

"Ah - did you want water, or wine, then?" 

"Water." Theo finally managed to sit up too as Rufus got out of bed. Gods, they were a mess, not to mention the room. But it was a good mess. "So... Saturnalia is not over yet, is it?..."

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Didia grinned sleepily at the innuendo from both men, finding it the most natural thing in the world. Last night had been a...revalation, in a number of ways. She'd found things out about her husband and friend she was never likely to forget. Not that she was complaining. 

"Saturnalia is over." She said with a pout as she flopped into the space from where Rufus had vacated the bed to fetch him water. She prodded Theo and whispered just to him; "He's not a slave, tell him he doesn't need to get us drinks," before raising her voice to address both of them; "Saturnalia is over for me because my head feels like it's going to explode and I have to go to work at the market with all the other hungover fools." She groaned and dragged one of the pillows to cover her eyes in protest. 


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"Aww," Rufus said, finding a beaker and pouring Didia a cup of water, wholly uncaring of the fact that he was as naked as the day he was born. He returned to the bed with his offering, before grinning at Theo. "Anywhere, you say? That could be fun."

He wound a strand of Didia's hair around his finger before trailing his hand down her shoulder to her breast. "It's still officially Saturnalia, surely you don't have any produce to sell today?" he said. It would be far more enjoyable to spend the whole day together, after all, just the three of them, experimenting to find the very best position for all of them in the narrow bed. Or anywhere else.


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